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Congress anti-Christian: Meghalaya BJP 

Shillong: India’s northeastern Indian states are preparing for legislative assembly elections. One of them is Meghalaya, which is currently ruled by the Congress party.

However, the Bharatiya Janata Party that heads the federal coalition, has decided to root out the Congress from India this time. The BJP, considered the political arm of the pro-Hindu groups, seems to have dropped its development card for religion in Meghalaya, a Christian majority state.

Meghalaya tops the BJP list of states to target Congress. It wants to root out the rival party even from the minds of the people of Meghalaya, reports

As a masterstroke it has appointed a Catholic federal minister from the southern Indian state of Kerala as its man to head the party in Meghalaya elections. Federal Tourism Minister K J Alphons recently visited Meghalaya and countered the Congress and its policies in the state.

“The people from Meghalaya should not vote for them (Congress) and they should dethrone the Congress-led government in Meghalaya and elect an honest government in the state,” Alphonse said in a statement.

Alphonse, a former seminarian who had spent seven years in northeastern India, accused the Congress of having an anti-Christian mindset and urged the people of Meghalaya not to vote for it.

He also said that the state now demands an honest party that is unbiased while favor of all castes and creeds.

Alphons uses every occasion to deride the Congress. While addressing a public meeting of the party at Sohra, he outlined the work carried out by the Narendra Modi led government at the Centre and the various states as well.

“If BJP government comes to power in Meghalaya, it will usher in development which will benefit the people of the state,” he promised.

The federal minister’s statement has surprised the people of Meghalaya, who now wonder whether the BJP is using “religion” as the trump card for the Meghalaya Assembly polls.

Earlier, the party used development as its poll plank and blamed the Congress for all the problems in the country. But now it has shifted to the religion.

Alphons is a man of controversies as this is not the first time he made such types of statements countering Congress. Before this, he countered Congress when the price of the petrol raised high.

Congress on the issue found a new topic to criticize BJP over the promises of development made by the party before the Polls.

Later, Alphons countered Congress and said, ”The people who can afford cars and bikes, are the ones that are not starving, they should be able to pay for the hike.”

This statement of him raised controversy and irked the common man who manages to save very less for the worst time.

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7 Responses to Congress anti-Christian: Meghalaya BJP

  1. Teresa Lepcha

    Federal Tourism Minister K J Alphons’ lies are not palatable as what he says has no rationale. His lies are reflections of BJP to misguide and misinform the public. Being a retired IAS officer, he does not know what he is saying. BJP has nothing to offer new, only empty slogans and polarize people, communities along religion lines in order to capture power. Better he should shut his badmouthing any other parties. Magalaya people are to discern and vote for a party that would help them and addresses their real issues, concerns.

    What he says should be linked with Aadhar… How can he speak this and that without Aadhar nd it should be linked with GST.

  2. raju kumar

    Federal Tourism Minister K J Alphons has lost his mind and conscience and echoing BJP’s lies. No body should mind this man and all that he says. Let people of Magalaya decide what is best for them.

  3. A. S. Mathew

    Sri. K. C. Thomas and Raju Kumar: We will have to raise our voice and straight away attack this totally wishy-washy habit of the Tourist Minister who is trying to fool the tormented Christians of India, who is siding with the bluffing BJP/RSS leaders.

    0.7% Hinds, migrated population of the U.S. out of the 325 million have all the freedom to build Temples-praying at homes and spreading their religion. But in India, 3% Christian population out of the 1.25 billion, who are born and brought up with a long tap root of 2000 years living in fear. We Christians living in every part of the world will have to stand for the rights of our own brothers and sisters in India. The BJP/RSS has adopted a policy of intimidation of the minorities; which we will not have to tolerate even an ounce.

  4. K C Thomas

    Will Kannamthanam go to Kandhmal and talk to Christians there ? Will he say like George Fernandez that the Hindu Lakananda was killed by Thr Kandhmal Christians. ?
    A maverick or opportunist or mad malayalee,this i a s man.

  5. raju kumar

    Federal Tourism Minister K J Alphons is misleading the public speaking on the basis of “religion” and glorifying BJP. He is a real proxy of BJP and N. Modi.

  6. A. S. Mathew

    Funding blocking to how many thousands of Christian NGOs in India? Great Christian love. Any Government other than this current anti-Christian Government has not done that.

  7. A. S. Mathew

    The Meghayala BJP, what kind of pathological lies?

    When India got Independence, some of the leaders like C. Rajagopalachari-C.P. Ramaswami Iyer-Sardar Vallabhai Patel and Morarji Desai in a milder form tried to influence Pundit Nehru to block the visas for the Christian missionaries to India; but Pundit Nehru knew about the great contribution given by the Christian community in education-medical care and social uplift of the downcast people of India; and so didn’t listen to their advice.
    Was he and his party anti-Christian?

    Out of the first 11 cabinet Ministers of India, two were Christians.

    Mother Teresa was unknown to Indian in 1956. When she met Pundit Nehru in 1956, he gave her a free pass in the Indian Railway. Was Pundit Nehru and the party anti-Christian?
    Later on Srimathi Indira Gandhi gave mother Theresa a free pass in the Indian airlines. Was Mrs. Indira Gandhi an anti-Christian?

    When the world known evangelist Dr. Billy Graham met Pundit Nehru at his first visit to India in 1956, he indirectly indicated that he doesn’t like any missionary engaged in the politics of India, but will be happy to do their evangelism, and thanked Dr. Billy Graham for his visit to India to preach the gospel. Was Pundit Nehru and the Congress party anti-Christian?

    If the Congress Government under Pundit Nehru didn’t come to rule India, the Muslims and Christians would have been in severe persecution.

    Now 7 BJP ruled Sates of India have anti-conversion laws specifically to terrorize the Christians of India. BJP rulers, is that loving Christians or anti-Christian?

    Meghalaya BJP leaders, since your Government began to rule from New Delhi, the attacks against the Christians have skyrocketed 300% in three years. Mr. Kannanthanam, to expand your party, with a mere Christian Church baptism record you have, you are siding with the professional con artists of India now, GOD is watching that game plan.


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