Empowering Mission: Learning from the book of life

Author: Jacob Peenikaparambil CMI
Publisher: Universal Solidarity Movement, Indore
Number of Pages: 220
Price: Rs. 250/-

As the sub-title of the book indicates, the book contains lessons the author has learned and the insights he gained while reflecting on the events, individuals and the life situation. The book has two parts: the first part consists of twenty themes or issues which are favourite to him and the second part of the book includes collection of articles which are very much related to the twenty themes of the first part.

“Anyone who has known Jacob personally would attest that he is a man with a strong passion for life, someone who pushes the boundaries of thought and action to make religious commitment a passionate affair. Through the cutting edge convictions that have emerged from his critical reflections on the different dimensions of religious life today, he can assert with confidence that ‘in the absence of critical thinking, religious life may degenerate into slavery’.

Jacob Peenickaparambil’s historical landmark Empowering Mission: Learning from the Book of Life is simple and down to earth, yet with profound insights. Certainly this will be a source of inspiration to many religious women and men and for others who have a passion to create a world founded on justice, truth and liberation. May this work enable its readers to learn many lessons from the book of their own lives and share them with others that the world may become a better place for all beings!” Dr. Kochurani Abraham

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