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Indian Americans Raise $2.4 Million For Public Health In India 

Washington: With an aim to contribute to public health in India, Indian Americans raised $2.4 million over the weekend at an event in New York.

The donation worth $2 million made by Mr Chirag Patel, co-CEO and chairman, Amneal Pharmaceuticals, and his family, at the second annual gala of WHEELS Global Foundation (WGF) will go towards the soon-to-be established WHEELS India Niswarth (WIN) Foundation.

The foundation, which will be based out of the IIT-Gandhinagar and Indian Institute of Public Health-Gandhinagar campuses, will work on core areas of water and sanitation and maternal and child health groups.

At its inaugural gala last year, the WGF had raised $200,000.”The increase in donations this year demonstrates that donors see the urgency of the issues faced and that WGF is a dedicated partner in alleviating issues faced by rural areas. We are deeply gratified by the generous donations of attendees, sponsors and raffle and auction prize donors,” said Suresh Shenoy, President, WGF.

With a vision to use “technology to enable philanthropy,” WGF provides funds to develop Clean Drinking Water Plants (CDWP) in remote villages to alleviate health issues related to poor-quality drinking water, a media release said.

(Source: NDTV)

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3 Responses to Indian Americans Raise $2.4 Million For Public Health In India

  1. A. S. Mathew

    Dear Sri. Nedumparambil: Thank you. You have explained the real total crisis now faced with the nation. While in High School and college in the same location, four miles one way. The early morning bus will pass through our road, then one mile walk to the bus station, but the bus was sardine packed. So walking four miles to school or college was the best solution. Hardy any fat student in school or college, the diet was rice packet with no oil.

    Now the western invention of fancy fast food saturated with fat, thus that itself is an easy avenue to get fat. Then the lack of exercise, another bad wind on our health. The over crowed hospitals and doctor’s offices are giving us a red signal of disabling diseases and death bed. Western work ethics of hard work and on time operation of things are good thing to follow in India, but the dangerous fast-fat food and self-centered culture of rotating around money in everything, they are very unproductive trends.

    Health is wealth. ” If wealth is lost-nothing is lost; if health is lost-something is lost; and if character is lost-everything lost” Dr. Billy Graham. Our body is the Temple of GOD, in a healthy body we can worship GOD better.

  2. A. S. Mathew

    The health crisis in India is getting very critical. Even though some of the commonly known diseases can be averted through proper diet and exercise, it seems like the young generation is in an high speed boat journey of epicurean way of life; thus affected with many diseases.

    • George Nedumparambil

      Well said. Junk food has taken hold. People have forgotten to walk. Most Keralites of yours and my age used to walk to school or colleges. Some took public bu. Then came school bus which when introduced was considered a luxury affordable only to well offs. Now no one walks, taking the bus, riding a two wheeler or being dropped off in own cars. A whole new generation is growing up without the daily walks (not that Indian roads are safer for pedestrians either) and the resultant lack of self developed inbuilt resistance power leading to medical situations coming on much earlier in life.

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