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Muslim yoga teacher’s house attacked 

Ranchi: Rafia Naaz, a Muslim girl who is currently facing the ire of her community for teaching yoga Jharkhand’s Ranchi, found many supporters after some unidentified persons threw stones at her house.

The incident occurred on November 10 evening when she was live on a media channel. While Naaz was narrating her ordeal, some suspected members of her community gathered outside her house in Doronda, a suburb of Ranchi. Naaz faces a fatwa against her, issued by her community.

Naaz has found support from many, including noted yoga guru Ramdev. Reacting to the incident, Ramdev said that yoga is an exercise which is good for mental health and physical wellness. Ramdev said, “‘From Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan to Saudi Arabia so many Muslims practice Yoga religion shouldn’t be brought into this.

Previously, a prominent Shia cleric, Maulana Saif Abbas had also supported Naaz teaching yoga. Commenting on the fatwa, he said, “What is wrong if some woman teaches yoga?” Further speaking on the incident, prominent he said that protesting this is highly condemnable. “Some people have made religion a joke.”

Following the criticism, the Jharkhand government decided to provide her with security. She was later provided two security guards – one male and one female.

Naaz is the eldest of her siblings and the only sources of earning for the family. She makes her living by teaching yoga to people in her locality. She made headlines after she shared the stage with yoga guru Ramdev. Naaz says that she will continue doing yoga and will teach it till her last breath.


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  1. Dr. Cajetan Coelho

    Health is wealth. Yoga is good for health.