Sancoale locals oppose shifting of feast venue

VASC: The proposed shifting of venue to celebrate the feast of St Joseph Vaz on January 16 from the usual one at the sanctuary to the old Sancoale church has caused a split among villagers.

On Wednesday evening, around 200 villagers gathered and questioned rector Fr Manuel Dias about the proposed shifting of the feast. They vehemently opposed the proposal, stating that the venue had been used since they could remember . The villagers were also supported by some Hindus from the locality.

The rector explained that he was not responsible for the decision and it had been finalized by higher authorities after a series of meetings. While some villagers became aggressive, the interaction was inconclusive, sources said.

Joe Dourado, a villager, said, “We will give the church authorities time till Friday or else the entire village will march to the Archbishop’s Palace. It is the feast of the village and not the church alone.” Villagers said that the church points out to parking problems at the sanctuary but they felt these issues can be easily sorted out.

Those in favour of shifting the celebration to the old Our Lady of Health church with only the facade, said that parking problems at the sanctuary will become worse. “Property owners who allowed parking in the past have refused now,” a villager said.
The church has adequate parking space near the Our Lady of Health church. “More devotees can be accommodated here and parking availability prompted the archdiocese shift the venue after a series of meetings at various level,” a source said.

(Times of India)

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