Share spiritual and material gifts with poor: Claretian chief

This Day is meant to encourage believers to react against a culture of discard and waste and to embrace the culture of encounter

By Matters India Reporter

Rome: The head of Claretian missionaries has urged his men spread all over the world to share their spiritual and material gifts with the poor.

“Do some concrete signs for affirming the value of the persons living in various forms of poverty,” said Father Mathew Vattamattam, superior general of the Sons of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in his message on the occasion of the first World Day of the Poor on November 19 declared by Pope Francis.

“Claretians have to show solidarity with the Pope and the Church to turn to the poor around. We can joyfully share with others from the spiritual and material gifts we have received from God,” he added.

Manh Claretians in the mission are for the poor and among the poor, he noted. “Our lifestyle, attitude to the poor and way of administering what we have been impelled by God’s love for the poor. I propose some steps for our personal and community reflection and action on the World Day of the Poor,” he suggested.

Read and reflect the message of the Pope for the World Day of the Poor. Choose a moment of prayer or community meeting to have an introspection and evaluation of the attitudes, lifestyle and presence among the poor around us in the light of the values affirmed in these documents, the superior general suggested.

“Let us commend our brothers and sisters who are bereft of a dignified life in society to the Heart of our Mother and listen to her invitation, ‘Do whatever he tells you’(Jn 2:5),” Father Vattamattam said.

In a message last June, Pope Francis urged the whole Church, and men and women of good will everywhere, to turn their gaze on this day to all those who stretch out their hands and plead for help and solidarity. This Day is meant to encourage believers to react against a culture of discard and waste and to embrace the culture of encounter.

At the same time, everyone, independent of religious affiliation, is invited to openness and sharing with the poor through concrete signs of solidarity and fraternity.

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2 thoughts on “Share spiritual and material gifts with poor: Claretian chief

  1. ” The spirit of the Lord is on me, because He has anointed me to proclaim the good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim that captives will be released that the blind will see, that the oppressed will be set free” Luke 4:18. This must be the exclusive mission strategy of the followers of JESUS.

  2. Even though all the religions are teaching to be merciful and compassionate towards the poor, there is no other proven and unique-authoritative emphasis like the teaching of JESUS CHRIST to look after the poor. JESUS has used the word “poor ” many times, and exhorted all of His followers to take care of the poor.

    When a rich young man wanted to be a full time dedicated disciple of JESUS, HE told him looking straight at the face to sell everything and give to the poor, then to follow JESUS.

    In reality 40% of the world population are living with $ 2.00/day or less; 1.2 billion out of that are living with $ 1.25/day or less. But there is another list of 1.1 billion people all over the world not in the list of the world population. JESUS saw this predicament and reminded HIS disciples to take care of the poor in giving the gospel-food-medicine-clothing-education etc. If the Christians of the world will not take the initiative, that is a deliberate delinquency and disobedience from our side, no excuse to that.

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