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Christmas arrives, riding a KSRTC bus 

Kochi: Commuters waiting at the High Court Junction bus stop were surprised when a KSRTC bus pulled in all decked up for Christmas on December 22 morning.

A group of passengers who have been regularly using the Kodungalloor-Aroor bus via Vypeen for years thought it would be great to celebrate Christmas on board the bus.

The passengers had decorated the bus with paper ornaments and stars.

“We are a united lot and this is not the first time we are celebrating a festivity. People from all religions travel in this bus and we celebrate every festival with utmost joy,” said Soma Sundaran, who works in Kochi and is a regular passenger in the bus.

The festivities began as soon as the crowd in the bus became considerable and the merriments peaked as the bus reached Vypeen. The passengers greeted pedestrians and travellers in other buses as the bus made the journey towards Kodungalloor.

“The passengers were cooperative when we told them about the celebrations. There are not many public transport buses available in this particular route,” said Anson, a Njarackal native.
The bus was stopped at the High Court Junction for a few minutes as the passengers cut a cake and distributed it.

The passengers continued their merrymaking as the bus travelled through the city. A group of singers gathered at the centre of the packed bus to sing carols. The group even tweaked the lyrics of the songs to congratulate the bus employees and the KSRTC for the service which they offer.

“It was not at all a disturbance. These are some of the few joys that we get to experience in our life. We always manage to ensure that the bus timing is not affected due to the celebrations as the passengers are really cooperative,” said Abdul Muneer, bus conductor.

(THe Times of India)

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2 Responses to Christmas arrives, riding a KSRTC bus

  1. Matthew Adukanil

    An excellent idea to promote social harmony and integration. It is also a relief against reports of communal tension at festival times. All the more praiseworthy since bus schedules are not upset and commuters are not affected. That is commendable civility.

  2. A. S. Mathew

    This must be followed all over the State to have great celebration time for all.

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