Church attacked in Kerala on conversion allegation

The incident occurred on December 18

Thiruvananthapuram: Unidentified people have attacked a church in Kerala following allegations of religion conversion.

The incident occurred on December 18 at HMS church under the Church of South India situated at Kuttamala, some 35 km east of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala state capital.

This comes soon after a priest from the same church was attacked at neighboring Amboori for the same reason.

The radicals broke into the church destroyed furniture, public address system and articles used for prayers.

The culprits are yet to be identified though the police have started the search for them.

On December 14, Reverend Lawrence, was attacked near his church at Amboori, 3 km east of Kuttmala.

He was beaten when he was taking back a child to the latter’s home after Christmas Carole. The boy and his family were Hindus but had converted to Christianity. It is reported that the attackers had been irked by the conversion, which provoked them to attack the priest.

In the complaint lodged with Neyyar Dam police, the priest said that during the attack the men abused him in the name of conversion.

He later took medical treatment from Neyyattinkara district hospital.

In connection with the incident, the police filed case against three Kuttamala natives.

The Church believers said that the attack on church was to avenge this police action.


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8 thoughts on “Church attacked in Kerala on conversion allegation

  1. Thankappan will excuse me when I say that faith in God or attraction to Jesus is not depending on the status of the person. Good news must be preached to all. Preaching is a term used–it can be in many ways but it should not hurt fellow citizens or against public morality. In spite of all anti conversion laws there are people who want to accept Jesus. Anti conversion law is meant to harass and destroy Christians. If there is no freedom of conscience and human rights, how can we call a country democratic ? We have a duly elected Govt. Cam anyone or group who do not want this regime execute M Ps and ministers or unleash violence ?
    It is high time such questions are raised and get answered from rulers

  2. The view point expressed by Bro. Thankapan is worth considering by the missionaries. The missionaries should make efforts to preach Gospel to the rich and the highly educated and attempt to covert them, if they are interested in conversions. Also, the poor and downtrodden among the Christians shouldn’t be discriminated and despised by the other Christians. But efforts should be made to uplift them by the Church.

  3. Where is KJ Alphonse?

    There s nothing wrong if poor and oppressed people find solace in Jesus. Only there should be no force or allurement.

    1. Tourism Minister will finally get his real medication for telling that under the BJP rule of India, the Christians are enjoying peace. The Satna Christmas carol singer’s attack is already in the foreign news papers. That may boost the tourism industry of India three fold.

  4. Well,
    a sad event to attack a place of worship. Definitely the attackers have no religious but political gains and payments.
    I Kerala, a place counted as location of mutual harmony in faith matters is challenged it is the duty of every one to take note of it and show our concern. Counter attack is not the means but catch the attackers and its supporters.
    Has bajarag dal taken its unhealthy roots in the capital of the state? Hindus, Muslims and Christians will respect each other in this land but Divisive political gains will do anything to create unrest.
    Learned people of the state has the freedom of choosing their faith and worship. It is our constitutional right. CATCH THEM, STOP THEM AND NEVER BE ONLOOKERS. I believe the state law and order will handle the issue promptly and nip the odd plant from the root.

  5. I like the observation of mathew, the evangelisers need to understand that Christ is not to be given in secret manner, to the vulnerable group who cannot but accept in some situations and later who deny.
    Dear evangelisers Be confident Jesus, with his almighty power has commanded to do this work. so need not do it under your risk. If you are convinced Jesus is alive, and greater than all other names, Do it first with educated high castes, socially renowned personalities first. Then the rest God will take care…

    The curse of Christian missionary paradigm in India is: it started with Harijans and backward groups unlike st.thomas the apostle. Most of the missionary sucessers were cowardice,lazy, lacked spirituality, and they identified some profession as missionary work…. (Most of the missionaries were from this new converts who existially in need of money for self gratification, and in psychological need of recognition, famous etc., the huge number of woman religious are result of saving from poverty and dowry burden of the joint families and other existial reasons).
    The net result we have schools, hospitals, social work huge projects without right personal- missionaries. The concentration is not in mission but in ‘reports’ and mostly it sounds like missionary institutions (school, hospital etc) and when unnecessary persecution occurres, they report as missionary obstacles, so the missionaries are unquestioned by the higher authorities and the public in its wrong shadows…
    I challenge Indian religious congregations and missionaries if you can genuinely preach to the high caste and educated without any monetary gain only for Jesus…
    Then only 2 years will be sufficient to preach all the Indians without institutions of profit making… You will be fed by The one who called you… Better than what you drink (alcohol) and eat and enjoy (adulterous)…

    Sorry for the straight language of criticism. It is too late cannot but say…

    1. Sri. Thankapan Vaidhyar: Thank you for taking time to read my comment and to respond that very openly. It is very true that the spirit of building big institutions with the profit motive has penetrated to the Christians of India, deviating the path of the real commission of JESUS CHRIST “preach the gospel-feed the hungry and cloth the naked”.

      While going to the Chennai airport from the hotel, I saw a huge building and big traffic jam on Sunday. When I asked my host, what is that crowd, they said it is Church where one Rev. D. Mohan is the Pastor. The Church was started under a thatched roof a few years back, now so many people of the city with powerful job, high caste converts are worshiping there.

      As you have stated, when the missionaries came to India more than 150 years back, their main focus was towards the socially outcasted people of the society. Now, the conversion to Christian faith has strongly penetrated to the middle and very high class people of the society in India. The one dozen very ordinary people left everything of this world and preached the Gospel, reached at India in AD 52. If the anti-Christian spirited people of the nation are making an open observation, they can see very precisely, wherever the gospel has penetrated in India at the earliest, the literacy rate and healthcare are superior to the rest, as well as socially developed people. The Gospel of CHRIST not only change our spiritual outlook and peace of life, but it will change the society for good.

  6. In Kerala, the District of Tiruvanandapuram shows some RSS army expansion, and they are trying to terrorize the Christians. These events are causing anxiety to the Christian and Muslim population of Kerala and the Muslims and Christians are trying to move farther to the northern side of Kerala for settlement.

    Why the people are converting? They found peace and joy through JESUS CHRIST.

    I read the story of the well known singer of Kerala, Chitra. Her child was drowned in Dubai, her life was fully shattered, and daily terrible thoughts of despondency and total depression. The Christian Priests visited, counseled and prayed with her. She visit one well known Catholic Church in Chennai and one in Calcutta for prayer. Chitra said that she got unspeakable peace and joy while worshiping JESUS. While singing Christian songs, she felt a special peace and blessings. Why?

    Some of the well known movie personalities of India like A.V.M. Raja and his daughter-Nagma-Charuhassan (brother of Kamal Hassan) etc and a lot of other movie stars have openly declared their faith in JESUS CHRIST and changed lives of peace and happiness.

    Nobody will bother the rich and famous in their conversion to any religion of their choice; but when the poor people come to follow JESUS, they are tormented by the street goons of the Central Government. Real secularism of India! The world is watching very keenly the newly emerged Christian persecution of India sponsored by the Central Government.

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