Seminary carolers attacked in Satna, vehicle torched

Radical Hindu groups accused them of indulging in conversion activities

By Matters India Reporter

Bhopal: Police detained a group of Catholic carol singers in Satna district in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh on December 14 evening following allegation of religious conversion.

The group comprising 30 seminarians and two priests were detained from the main road as they were moving to Christian institutions in Satna town singing carol songs, a normal exercise during Christmas season.

The police took them to the Civil Lines police station following a complaint from right wing Hindu activists, who accused them of involving in religious conversion, a charge often leveled against Christians to target them.

Later, police took into custody another group of eight priests who came to the station to inquire about the seminarians.

“Our 30 seminarians and 10 priests are in police custody,” says Father M Rony, the social work director of Satna diocese.

“The situation outside the police station was so hostile that we cannot reach to the police station for helping our brothers and priests inside,” he told Matters India The right wing Hindu activists, the priest added, have virtually created a siege around the police station, “virtually denying us entry to the police station.”

Priests’ vehicle being torched
According to him, the Hindu radicals torched the vehicle used by the second group to come to the station.

The seminarians and priests were still inside the police station even after midnight.

The carol group belongs to St Ephrem’s Theological College in Satna, some 450 km northeast of Bhopal, capital of Madhya Pradesh state.

The college has been conducting carol programs in its neighboring villages since its inception on July 3, 1992, to train priests primarily for the mission dioceses and religious congregations of the Syro-Malabar Church in northern India.

Though started as a seminary for Satna diocese, it was later raised to a Synodal Mission Seminary. It is managed by the Syro-Malabar Major Archi-episcopal Synod headed by Major Archbishop, Cardinal George Alencherry.

The seminary offers degrees of Bachelor of Theology. Its website claims it aims at imparting theological formation in tune with the ecclesial tradition of St. Thomas Christians in the context of the North Indian mission.

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116 thoughts on “Seminary carolers attacked in Satna, vehicle torched

  1. “I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble, but take heart! I have overcome the world” JOHN 16:33
    ” For it has been granted to you on behalf of Christ not only believe in HIM , but also to suffer for HIM” Philippians 1:29
    Pray for them to receive the power of our Lord and Savior

  2. The person who is behind this accusations manipulations will suffer the wrath of god. As time will tell that Jesus and the cross will trump the entire universe. He is a living god of the dead and we’ll as the living. This is the truth and the time will come when u will see with your own eyes and know. There is no need to convert anyone. If god has given Satan to rule for a certain period in the end he will trump but will u be able to stand before god .He has the power over the heaven and hell. What is the use of ur power ur riches ur authority if u are not even able to save ur own soul. U will have to face the judgement of god for harming his people. Everyone knows these people of god are innocent including u. No weapon will be able to prosper before the kingdom of god

  3. The person who is doing all this and harming god’s people cannot save himself from the judgement of God. .The whole world will see that Jesus and the cross will trump over the whole universe the living and the dead. This is the truth and promise of Christ till his second coming. Pls stop all these false accusations by harming innocent people of God. There is no need to convert people. People who are touched by Jesus those who are cured of their diseases such dangerous as cancer and have experienced Jesus out of their own will have accepted Christ. So what do others have to fear for. U are doing this in this world and even god was so good that gave power to Satan as well but only god will be victorious. There is no one in the entire universe who has risen from the dead and in whose name miracles can be made.

  4. Hindu terrorists, they do not know whom they are touching? They are attacking God’s apple of eye. Can they bear if God replies to them?

  5. When learned begin to act like unlearned what ACHE DIN can we expect??? If the long cherished Carol song of joy and happiness becomes matter of conversion we can imagine the standard of understanding and learning we have. From the incident that took place in Satna with Christians can be leveled as one of them. Whatever and however be the situation I stand with my suffering brothers. We are in a holy season of advent where the message of hope is being awaited in the person of Jesus Christ who became flesh a long years back in whose teaching such people (persecutors) had a special place. Let’s with all humility remember all of them who are involved in such activities.

  6. Attacks on minority communities have only increased since BJP government has come to power so be it Christians or Muslims. And this is yet another example of double standards. I wonder is this ‘sabka sath or sabka vikas. We condemn this act. Our God is great and tables can turn anytime and so also the government can change anytime. As this is not a leading example of division and hatred. Those who are in power now have forgotten their olden days.

  7. What has happened and happening is not correct. Why Modi is blind to see all this. How can he be inhuman and proclaiming ache din for whom ? Let him answer .🙋🙋

  8. All minority MPs and MLAs should render their resignation now from wherever they are elected. All Christian educational institutions and medical centres should be shut for a day or two to voice our protest throughout India.

  9. Christmas is an occasion to sing, pray, share the joy and wish one another happy time ahead. Merry Christmas to all.

  10. We are passing through a very sad moment in our country. My heart goes out for the brothers and sisters who were made to go through this uncalled-for treatment. Even communist countries would not resort to such a dastardly acts against a peaceful carollers.

    Wake up my country.

  11. There are many comments on Christianity in India. Many are favourable and many unfavorable. In this many are creating havoc in some way or the other. Now the havoc creators are sinning; though they do not know that the devil is ruling their souls and making them do it. Any and every person is good if not the devil ruling them. The people who have created this nuisance are like St. Paul, who also used to hate Christians. St. Paul was not punished, but instead was chosen to be the Lord’s disciple. So will these people will not be punished. Now to know who is St. Paul, one will have to go through the Bible to know for themselves and they will receive tremendous Grace’s; which will help them to fully enrich their lives. Thank you and God bless.

  12. India is free and democratic country with all freedom of religions and caste .Nobody is forcing anyone to convert into Christianity .These radical Hindus are creating unnecessary diversion and creating problem .Really we all regret by many who voted these brainless BJP and 3 BJP idiots who destroyed and made differences in our country where not only triggered and irritated the minority and few major caste people but made every citizen poor in job loss ,inflation and brought down the economy of the country .Really this ACHE DEEN and promising 15 lac to each Indian made us all a big fool and taken us all Indian citizen a big Ride to now what we are facing as KACHE RONA DEEN

  13. Sowing seeds of jealousy and hatred! What will bring forth n mutiply? Fruits of its own kind causing the ruin of a multitude. O God save us from evil.

  14. People are jealous of this community because they are not able to do better than them. Remember those of you who are jealous “devil wins temporarily but in long time the truth and the good wins. And for the christians do remember jesus told that Let Love be sincere.hate what is evil hold on to what is good. love one another with mutual affection. bless those who persecute you and do not curse them. rejoice with those who rejoice weep with those who not repair anyone with Evil for Evil. if possible on your part live at peace with all. Beloved do not look for Revenge but leave room for the wrath, for it is written Vengeance is mine I will repay says the Lord .if your enemies are hungry feed him. if he is thirsty give him something to drink for by doing so you will keep burning coals upon his head. do not be conquered by Evil but conquer Evil with good.

  15. Still we forgive their ignorance and really pity for them… Because they don’t know whom they are touching… Their eyes are blind.. hope they will become next pauls…We should also happy more Paul’s are going to be raised.,. The MORE PERSECUTION MORE SOULS WILL BE TURNED TO JESUS. This historical truth.

  16. I am saddened to see some lumpen elements bring a bad name to a noble religion – Hinduism. I refer to the Hinduism of Tagore and Gandhi and Rajaram Mohan Roy and Shree Narayana Guru and Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Ramana Maharshi. And earlier of Meera and Basava and Akkamahadevi and Kabir. They would all be ashamed of what is being done in the name of Hinduism today. As are the silent majority of our Hindu brothers and sisters.

    Please realise that the minorities have also made immense contributions to nation building. There is no contradiction between being a good Christian (or a good Muslim) AND a proud Indian at the same time.

    If anyone needs a certificate of national loyalty for Christians, just look at the number of Christian soldiers and officers who have served this nation on the battlefield and even given their lives in the defence of this great motherland of ours. You will find that the number is very high in proportion to the percentage of Christians in the nation’s population – a mere 2% or so.

    Add to that the excellent schools, colleges and hospitals – many of them providing quality service to the underprivileged sections of society and you know how much Christians have contributed to the nation’s progress and development.

    The true measure of a healthy democracy is the well-being of its minorities.

    It is absolutely necessary for the leaders at the Centre and the states, beginning with the Prime Minister to roundly condemn such incidents and for the police to act decisively against all who seek to destroy India by sowing hatred between the people of different religious traditions. Jai Hind!

    1. If the peace loving educated Hindus will not take the lead to shop this national anarchy imposed by the RSS rulers, the street goons who were torturing the Muslims in the name of beef will be taking their sword of torturing upon the minority Christians.

      Please don’t expect to hear any response from Modi; if he ever delivers a strongly worded rebuke, also if enacting a law, his royal PM Chair will be shaking violently. Thus, he will not utter a word to offend his street goons followers.

  17. May jesus make the ignorant understand the shortness of our life. And wash all the evil doers with his precious blood. So that the evil doers may be purified. God JESUS have mercy on this world.

  18. A v sad affair and the Hindu activists need to be condemned for their lack of intelligence and understanding to sing carols during the season of advent.Their act of surrounding the police station shows the cowardice of small minded people

  19. It is very sad to hear the attack on the group of brothers who are singing during this festive season of it a crime to sing carols today .wasn’t it was sung all these years only today these people have realised that it is conversation. It is indeed a very shameful act. Stop such atrocious acts. Government should take immediate action.

  20. It is very sad. Let us storm heaven. God will answer our prayers. Touch those stony hearts and melt them.let justice be done. With you in your trials dear Fathers and brothers.

  21. BJP should not be voted to power in the states of Meghalaya, Nagalamd and Mizoram. They (BJP) be kicked out this states. Mr Alphonse should not be welcomed to dialogue with the Christian leaders for vote. Why not shut down all the Christian institution in India for one to shop solidarity with our fellow Christian brothers.

  22. Our Prime Minister Mr. Narender Modi you are a democratic country’s prime minister and keeping silence is not very good, even silence speaks. So prove you are a Prime Minister of a democratic country because it’s a people’s country.

  23. Are we really free?? this a democracy???…this could happen to any of us …how safe are we truely?…the religious sacrifice their homes n families …to serve every human irrespective of their background…is this what thy deserve??…hw can u define this as conversion…who will speak for us??…the very leaders we trusted and voted…to ensure our security r maintaining silence…please help…innocent r tortured for very ignorant reasons…

  24. May God forgive them for they do not know what they are doing. Let all countries of the world think about our country and the government.

  25. Are we really a secular run country under the religious leadership of Mr. Narendra Modi??
    Do you know Mr. Modified that we catholics too have also voted you to power.
    Thanks for keeping silent on such issues.
    Please all your so called learned leaders who were educated by our Catholic Teachers what Carol singing is. They will and their children who are presently imparting moral values will educate you on our selfless values. God bless you.


    1. PM Modi has made many repeated visits to the Christian nations for his massive investment dream in India, embracing the leaders with a fatherly affection. Now, let Indian Christians and the Christians watch the real color of Modi and his party.

  26. I can’t believe these things happening in India, A Democratic country… Please help these brothers and priests…. Let’s pray to God……

    1. Dr. Agarwal, what you are telling is 100% true. The Hindu religion is the most tolerable religion in the world. Like other religions of the world, Hindu religion doesn’t have any prophet-founder etc. I grew up with Hindus in our small village of 50/50 Hindu/Christian. We never had any problem like what we watch now. The rich Hindus gave their land for the Christians to conduct their meetings and conventions. We all lived like a big family taking care of each other.

      If the real Hindus like you won’t take the initiative to stop this national anarchy undertaken under the sponsorship of the current Central Government, the image of India in front of the world would be terribly tarnished. The foreign news medias are spreading the news of the newly emerged reign of terror in India deliberately persecuting the minorities, especially the Muslims and Christians.

  27. Very sad state of affairs in India. Such incidents are recurring day in day out. We need to pray God straighten us live amongst the wolfs and give witness to inherited love, peace and forgiveness. We all need to be pragmatic Christians. It’s time to practice what we have been taught all during our formation. Be calm and face the situation in such a faithful methods the persecutors put to shame.

  28. And Prime minister will be as always be dangerously silent on attacks on minorities urging others to repeat the same. Mr. Modi should understand he is prime minister of democratic and secular india. Everybody should have right to practice and share what they believe. If somebody wants to accept jesus christ as his saviour, he should be able to do that on his own will safeguarded by Indian constitution.
    Conversion is change of heart and if some body has changed to christianity by accepting 5000 rs (in all possibilities a fabricated story for justifying attacks) … He was never a hindu nor he has become christian.
    We should not only pray for the persecutors but also strongly condemn the attack and ask prime minister to condemn the attack.

    1. PM Modi wanted to hold on to his royal chair, he will not utter a word if the Muslims and Christians are attacked by the street goons. The autocratic rule of Modi/Amith Shaw will be turning as an exhibition to the whole world.

    1. You have brought a very important issue in your comment. Hindus in the U.S. are listed as minority religions like Jews-Muslims etc. 0.7% of the U.S. population are the Hindus, mainly the 1st-2nd-3rd generation of the Hindus migrated to the U.S. from India. Likewise, the Hindus have migrated to the Christian countries like the U.S.-Canada-England-Germany-France-Spain-Australia-New Zealand by the millions.

      Whereas the 3% Christians of India, with a long long history of 2000 years, who were worshiping and singing without any problem; but now they have been targeted for persecution.

      The Christians of the countries where the Hindus have been migrated, the Christians must contact them in love to show their concern of the persecution of the Indian born Christians to PM Modi and the rest. If the 2.3 billion Christians of the world will not display their loyalty to the 3% Christians at the largest democracy in the world, who will do that?

  29. The B J P Govt. headed by Modiji with his Ministers say one thing that they safeguard Christians but act differently that they are very silent towards violent incidents against in India. It called “MODI STYLE”.

    1. Yes brother. God turns everything for the good of those who love Him. We are in a way thankful for getting this free publicity since no media worth its salt will ever publish the Truth.

  30. If our leaders boast of India as a secular country, then let each religious community practice their faith and celebrate their festivals in peace. The Catholics are not disturbing the peace of the nation as we are peace loving community. Why do the non Catholics send their children to our Catholic schools? Because you can boast of the best education of your children. And is this the way you repay our community. Think about it.
    Yours and other religious communities should be full of gratitude and Co exist peacefully in this secular country. Please do not take law into your hands and and attack a silent and peaceful community.

    The Government, are you listening???? Please bring the miscreants to book by imposing the strictest punishment, so that such attacks are not repeated. You promised safety of the minorities while contesting the elections. So kindly ensure you release those Catholics you have arrested.

  31. Lord who saved Paul and Silus save the priests and seminarians from the captivity. May the Holy Spirit strengthen them and work for the release of them

  32. And when they came to the place which is called The Skull, there they crucified Him, and the criminals, one on the right and one on the left.  And Jesus said, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” 

    Let us pray for all those who are involved to take to the prison to the followers Jesus. May Jesus forgive them and love them; and give the the grace of peace.

  33. Father God…
    We lift up our priests and brothers of Satna seminary in your protective hands. Let your Angelic and Divine Psalms 91 protection come upon them. Victorious Blood of Jesus cover them right from the crown of their head to the very soles of their feet. Give them the strength to carry Cross and follow Lord Jesus. We claim total and complete protection for their life in Jesus mighty name.
    Exodus 14:13 says Moses answered the people, “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the LORD will bring you today.

  34. Its so sad to here that the BJP government is not doing any good to the country. Day by day brainless janatha party is putting India and its people to shame before other nations. We need to make sure that these kind of things should never happen again.

  35. May God have mercy on them and save this people .my God remember India and let your might hand that touched king Saul the time he was persecuting thy church let the same hand touch this people.

  36. May the Lord Jesus forgive them and we we Christians forgive them. This is inhuman act by those who attacked. I humbly request them to be human then anything else.

  37. Why is religion more of a priority than being called a human being . Our ancestors too have shed their blood for the freedom of the country being a democratic country we have every right to our religion. Govt should protect minorities. Christmas has been celebrated by all in India. Some fanatics spoil the image of our country instead these need to protect and care the street children and people need to focus on good towards humanity . Instead of spending precious time on ruining life’s let them build life of people living and dying on street due to hunger and no shelter. God bless all and protect the seminarians let’s pray they get released soon miraculously and our Lord be glorified at all times.

  38. shame on people who do not know what is Christianity. In their ignorance they act like animals . Christianity is nothing but showing the way towards God. Itgives respect and value to humanity. Help people grow in virtues and service to humanity, grow spiritually . No one can convert other person if one doesn’t want. It is the choice of individual to good to human beings. Let all atrocities stop to Christian’s . If not our God will show the way because He the Way, Truth and Life.

  39. Where is KJ Alphonse now? He should resign from the BJP cabinet.
    Yes we must pray for those under attack, but we also need to introspect and make course corrections where necessary. Are such “missionaries” culturally and socially alienated from those they profess to serve? Should we also not remember the adage that discretion is better than valour?

  40. Jesus Prince of peace. Have mercy on our Indian brothers who are persecuting your children. Justice belongs to you alone Lord. Strengthen your children , fill them with your Holy Spirit as you did to Stephen to stand as witness to your love. Alleluia Amen.

  41. They don’t have any other VERSION for Christianity except force CONVERSION
    According to Psalm 2:4; My heavenly Father is laughing on them..
    Let’s Pray and keep it up what Lord has commanded Us..

  42. Secularism has been destroyed in it’s spirit in India it remains in letters only…Where is religious freedom in India? Minorities in any field in India are being threatened … something wrong somewhere in this world’s largest democracy.

  43. They don’t have any other version for Christianity except force conversation
    According to Psalm 2:4; My heavenly Father is laughing on them..
    Let’s Pray and keep it up what Lord has commanded Us..

  44. There don’t know what they doing forgive them Lord. God said to forgive he will take care of everyone we no need to do anything they will know about Jesus very soon

  45. What more can we expect from this government. This attack was planned by the rulers. People who attacked are illiterate, useless, beggers, rascals. Modi will definitely not say anything on this because he is supporting such attacks. God save us and forgive them because they do not know what they are doing.

  46. The Christian presence in the loksobha and rajyasabha can effectively deal with the matter if they want. Very sad to note the terrible intollerence.

  47. It is indeed sad. May all of us join our brethern in prayers n Thanksgiving. May Lord look kindly on them who persecute in d name of religion.

  48. I still wonder who are these so-called Indians who are upholding the social fabric of India by destroying other religious people’s feelings. Because my country men who are really Hindus do not behave in this way. It’s shame to know they’re also called Indians. They must be booked under sedition charges for disturbing the integrity of the nation

  49. God is great. Our lord Jesus Christ will take care of them. Intolerance is spreading all over the country against other religions. We chrsitians love our country and work for the sake of all our people. But they are not understanding us. They are all doing this for cheap politics. God will change their mind.

  50. My only request to the MP government please don’t trouble the Christians in India.We are Indians and love our Country and our neighbours there is no religious sentiment we follow and maintain equal status.We pray for the relise of our parish priest and the members who are held up in the police station.God Bless Amen.

  51. Why howl against Kannanthanam? As someone just pointed out at least half of those who hatch these hate conspiracies will be past students of our prestigious institutions. Instead of being Christian and missionary, we had other ways minus Jesus Christ. We gave them the stick.

  52. Is this India a secular democratic country? Is the fundamental right enshrined in the Constitution of India not for christian?
    Government shall be liable for all this atrocities against minorities in the countries.

  53. The same anti-Christian atrocities will happen in Kerala and Tamil Nadu also, if we are not united and crush the blood-stained leaves of Lotus before it is rooted in our States….

  54. O God of Justice and Peace! Have mercy on these priests and seminarians and intervene with your love and grace for their good and the benefit of all people of both goodwill and ill-will.

  55. It is a matter of great concern. The constitution gives us the right to practice and propagate ones religion with all its traditions. Christmas carols are the traditions during Christmas time. We strongly condemn this act.

  56. It’s sad to see such deliberate and planned attack on Christians. India needs strong administration and rulers who take care of our people. Any time minority is victims. It is time to decide and act so that we stand united for our belief and faith. Christians never indulge in any kind of activities against anyone. They give all possible to development and harmony. They believe in growth and peace. Let sthe so called opposition of Christianity make a study on the contribution given to our people. It is not by fight but by love Christians conquire the world. Nobody can stop it.

  57. Days are very bad for christians under this gvt. Nobody asking us.christians dont hv any support from any party.bad days are ahead.

  58. Our own chai walla is against Christians do your that? why? Why no one supports us winterfier not interfier with others religious? So many Hindu children are put in Christian schools to learn English, we Christians love to help any one any religion but in return we get this kind of treatment why? Modi sir wake up dent let this happen we r humans just like you help us sir

  59. Though the Christians are minority but the work, the contribution to make new India can challenge the majority. This is the reason the intolerance towards minority is growing day by day.

  60. Is the only Christian minister in Modi’s anti-minority government reading this story? KJ Alphonse the concerned minister was challenging in the media, “has any stone been thrown at Christians since BJP’s NDA came to power in 2014.”.

  61. Please don’t worry about it same time pray. Pray. Nothing will happen. You’re a Blessed people. Thenk you. Be praying

  62. V.P. Venkiah Naidu did deliver a sweet and profound Christmas message at the Catholic Church sponsored Christmas program. The new Minister of Tourism said when he took the office that under BJP Government, the Christians are safe, as if under the former Governments of India, the Christians were under oppression and torture.

    See the real color of the RSS rulers in India now! The most celebrated festival is the Christmas in the world, Christians had all the freedom to sing Christmas carols at the Christmas season. Now, if they are singing, it is classified as ” religious conversion “.
    What a great freedom for the Christians of India now?

  63. This kind of activities likely to increase with exit polls predicting the likely win of BJP in Gujarat and Himachal.

    By the way what is the response of Alphonse Kannamthanam who compared Modi to Jesus.

    Minorities especially the Christians should respond

    1. Kannanthanam will be making a big statue of Modi in front of his house in Kerala burning the candle 24 hours, and wearing a necklace with Modi’s picture.

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