Meghalaya churches say no to Centre’s tourism package

Two major churches in Meghalaya have decided not to avail of a Rs 70-crore package announced by the Centre for development of places of worship in the state.

The Catholic Church and the Mawkhar Presbyterian Church have said they would give a miss to the package announced by Union Tourism Minister K J Alphons on January 8.

The Parish Pastoral Council of the Cathedral of Mary Help of Christians (Catholic Church), in a statement issued on January 19 , said it has not applied for any financial aid from the Centre.

“We have not applied for any financial assistance from the government for face-lifting of the Cathedral. The ongoing face-lifting is being carried out solely through the generous contributions of the faithful,” it said.

Barnabas Nongbah, the council’s secretary, said the announcement of such a package ahead of elections in the state is not welcome, as it could indirectly bring the church in electoral politics.

“There was no communication made between the ministry and the church before and after the announcement by Tourism Minister KJ Alphons, and that the consultants had not officially visited the premises till date,” Nongbah said.

Meghalaya is set to go to polls on February 27.

The Mawkhar Presbyterian Church has made it clear they are not a party to the decision taken by the government, and do not wish to avail the package.

Union Tourism Minister KJ Alphons had announced the package for development of places of worship across the state, under the ‘Swadesh Darshan’ scheme of the Ministry.

A total of 48 places of worship have been included under the scheme.



source: Hindustan Times

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2 thoughts on “Meghalaya churches say no to Centre’s tourism package

  1. May I congratulate the Meghalaya Churches from the bottom of my heart for their bold action honorably declining the tourism package political gift to pocket the Christians of the northeastern States.

    BJP couldn’t make any inroad in Kerala: so tried some tricky games to attract the SNDP ( Ezhava group following the Sri. Narayana Guru), but it fell apart. Then tried to capture easily the NSS ( Nair Service Society, M.P. Suresh Gopi tried high pressure tactics but failed miserably) which is headquartered in Changanacherry. When there is some important functions, their Chief Guests will Catholic Cardinal or Bishops. They also could easily identify the deadly north Indian virus which will destroy the social harmony of the State.

    Last week, Sri. Kannanthanam was a guest at the 2nd largest Christian convention of Kerala, the India Pentecostal Church where he offered financial help for building Churches. Also, promised that no evil will come upon them as long as Modi is ruling. Well, felt like a divine promise!

    When Kannanthanam went to visit the northeastern States, he made the fully contradictory statement that Christians are safe under the BJP rule; while the attacks against the defenseless Christians have tripled in three years under the RSS rule. Last years’s Christmas was a sorrow type celebration for the north Indian Christians where the Christians are a minute minority. The Satna event is a typical example.

    The 100 years old Marthoma Church Bishop was awarded with Padma Bhushan to make fools out of the 19% Christian population of Kerala. The RSS Government doesn’t like the Christians at all, but giving an award to the Bishop is a pure tricky joke.

    How marvelous was the Christmas message of the Vice President at the Catholic Bishop’s conference delivering an ornate message that the message of Christmas is the message of peace and joy. But, he and his comrade the Home Minister were working too tediously to enact a national anti-conversion law to block the fundamental right of the Christians in their evangelism effort. If the message of Christmas is peace and joy, the same person did delegate every follower of JESUS to spread the same good news to the darkened world. When BJP came into power, anti-conversion law was in 6 States, but now in 7 States.

    Promoting Christian tourism by the anti-Christian Government is the modern paradox.

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