Synod expresses concern about decrease in religious vocations among women

By: Matters India Reporter

Kochi: The Syro-Malabar Church synod which began at the Church headquarters at Kakkanad on Jan 8 expressed concern about the decrease in the number of vocations in women which is likely to affect the missionary work of the church adversely.

According to a press statement from the Church’s official spokesperson, the Synod reiterated the need to look for effective solutions for the future.

In light of the recent changes where Syro Malabar church has been given jurisdiction all over India, there is a need to renew its commitments and responsibilities. Efforts must be made to spread the church’s message to different parts of the country, it observed.

Syro Malabar synod  also commented that there is a need for a unified awakening to solve the problems faced by the farmers as well the farming sector. Concerns were expressed about the increase in the attack by wild animals causing harm to farmers and their livelihood. It called for the Church’s involvement in  discussions with the government to find an amicable solution to this problem.

The Synod will come to an end on January 13.

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2 thoughts on “Synod expresses concern about decrease in religious vocations among women

  1. “vocations in women which is likely to affect the missionary work of the church adversely”???

    What is the meaning of “vocation” and “missionary”? I think syromalabar bishops have no scientific wing to make research on any topic other than hear says… and most of the topics are to merely achieve personal motives.

    Present religious are good for nothing in missionary task, and a challenging life… It is known to new generation girls than church authorities. so no body turn to convent life…other than girls with dowry like issues. now a days convents are merely to the status of unpaid hostels ( run by Catholic Church). It is a horrible life, condemning human rights or loose life, as some of the radicals came out and spoke to the social media. News are generally suppressed to safeguard deforming the church’s social face…
    Very few religious of syromalabar backgrounds are concentrating on vocation and mission. Others with advertisement
    invite ambitious girls for running school, hospitals like professions. Offering opertuninty to profession through religious life is a new development in Indian church.

    Earlier, in the church, professionals where getting vocation to religious life and serving church volunteerily. It is twisted now to upward down.

    The new revaluationary phenomenon developing since long time in Kerala church unnoticed by church authorities is lay volunteers. They have less opertuninty in institutions run by synodal members and parish priests. so either they have to work in Latin dioceses (Akashaparavakal, Jesus youth, fiat mission shallom ministry are few clear cut examples) or retreat centres and some perverted to Protestant groups.. The amount of hours these lay volunteers commit in adoration of the Lord is never can be fulfilled by a religious nun in whole of their hostels ( so called convents) in its effects ( it is good for bishops to go in civil dress and observe how the church in India is protected by the intercessory groups of lay movements and retreat centres… Other than the centres in direct controls of the official wings…)
    Vocation and mission is the work of Holy Spirit synod will never do it without surrendering its plans to the will of the Holy Spirit. For the mission clerical dress is not at all a necessary item which is mostly adulterous these days…70 presentage of the church is active because of these volunteers… If this lay revaluation has not evolved syromalabar church would have come to its other meaning Zero Malabar church…

  2. The Churches, whether Catholic or Protestant can’t keep up with the status quo fully dictated in routine and traditions. Every minister of the gospel must be prepared to participate and in helping the struggling believers in their material suffering because for the hungry stomach, one plate of meal will be his or her GOD. We can very effectively minister to hem with the spiritual need while the material needs are at least partially fulfilled.

    JESUS in his short span of 3.5 years of earthly ministry never ignored the physical needs of His followers, that is a model example as HIS followers, we will have to fulfill the social needs of the society. This way we can reach out more people to the Kingdom of GOD.

    When the Nuns are responding to the call of ministry, are they spending more time inside the walls separated from the real world of suffering? Both the Priests and Nuns are overloaded with the history and Church theology rather than practical Christian ministry. If they are having the freedom to get involved with the open world, they will be more interested to join such a calling of practical Christian ministry.

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