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Syro-Malabar Church synod begins 

Kochi: The six-day-long synod of Syro-Malabar Church began at the Church headquarters at Kakkanad on Monday, January 8.

Though the synod has no powers to take any decision regarding controversial issues, the event assumes significance as the body is expected to discuss the land deal row involving Ernakulam-Angamaly archdiocese on third or fourth day of the meet. Cardinal George Alencherry inaugurated the synod.

A total of 59 bishops are attending the 26th synod. It started with prayer meet led by Kottayam archbishop Mathew Moolakkat. This was followed by holy mass led by Cardinal Alencherry.

 Meanwhile, All Kerala Catholic Congress, the political arm of the Church, is learnt to have pledged its support to Alencherry. According to them, though there were certain technical flaws in the land deal, the cardinal only had the good intention of repaying the bank loan.

The controversial deal took place in 2016. The Church had appointed a committee led by the cardinal and two priests to sell five plots owned by the Church situated in and around Kochi city to pay back the bank loan. Later, an inquiry committee appointed by the Church had found irregularities in the land deal.

On January 6, presbyterian council secretary Fr Kuriakose Mundadan had sent a letter to the bishops for the synod’s immediate intervention in the row.

source: The Hindu
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3 Responses to Syro-Malabar Church synod begins

  1. Thankapan vaidhyar

    Even to this day with given issue, the best candidate for major archbishop for syromalabar malayalee group is the present Cardinal. Unlike any other he did lot, as a excellent diplomat for the church.
    If at all he resigns there is no better (not at all ‘best’) option from the synodal panel, though many are ambitious. History has to repeat somewhat like that of late Cardinal vidayathil (a priest to the status of major Archbishop and then Cardinal too).
    This time heated desire for marriage of the priests or married priests are glorified. Then there is a best person in syromalabar church who contributed more than anyone alive in Kerala church now. shauriyar Benny Punnathara symbol of humility and wisdom to lead the church even amidst big chaos. He will be backup by his wife. Present Bishops mostly cheated because no one to backup them. Surely the retired ones also can help in needs…
    May the Holy Spirit powerfully guide the modern lively church for evangelisation of the world and India through Malayalees by 2033…

  2. Thankapan vaidhyar

    Let us pray, May the Holy Spirit control all the sessions of the synod.
    Besides Peter eat, bread and fish, 3 years and listening jesus’s sessions of discipleship, until anointed as full time evangeliser and his martyrdom he was a scared man even before petty woman,
    and he was busy with fishing for wining the daily bread (money matters)
    Let our bishops experience a change of heart and modus operandi to engage in evangelisation of India 2033. Our church is church with less prayer from official level (grand aeroplane without fuel) the curse of our church is pride to not accept the renewal Holy Spirit bringing through laity and some retreat centres.

  3. K. C. Thomas

    As long as humans have greed for pelf and power, there is possibility of wrong doing. However when the anointed ones are involved,it becomes a horrible sinful matter for debate or talk by public. If a mistake or a fraud happened ,it should be pursued in Christian spirit and according to the law of the land. People are anxiously waiting to hear