Abuse of children: Orphanage to shut down

Kochi: Christ the King orphanage at Ponnurunni in Kochi would be closed down as a probe into the alleged abuse and assault of inmates by the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) found absence of registration under the Juvenile Justice Act.

17 girl children had testified against the management before the CWC. The girls told the Police that they were beaten up by the nuns at the orphanage and there were days when they were not given food.

The rehabilitation of the inmates would be lead by Child Welfare Committee. The CWC would be inspecting till the end of March as it was found that children  here were abused and assaulted by the authorities.

“We have asked them to continue till the end of this academic year as, otherwise, it will affect the studies of the inmates,” CWC officials said. As most of the inmates here belong to poor families, the CWC will make arrangements for shifting them to other government-run hostels by the next academic year.

The Kochi police have also launched a probe against the administrators of the orphanage  here for allegedly abusing and assaulting the inmates there.

According to the police, a case under the Juvenile Justice Act has been registered against the matron and another employee of Christ King orphanage, based on a complaint by girl inmates.

The incident came to light late on Feb 9, when 20 inmates of the orphanage, between the age groups of 10 and 15, staged a protest in front of the orphanage.

On an alert by local residents, a police team rushed to the spot and negotiated with the orphanage authorities.

“The girls are currently accommodated back in the orphanage upon receiving an assurance from the orphanage authorities that they would not be subjected to harassment,” said Vijaya Sankar S., sub inspector of police, Kadavanthra.

The inmates alleged that the orphanage authorities had subjected them to abuse, physical torture and even denied proper food at times.

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4 thoughts on “Abuse of children: Orphanage to shut down

  1. I am of the opinion that a full investigation be carried out on the finances of the orphanage. Were the nuns left to fend for themselves with no financial support from church. Otherwise why would the nuns want to turn off the fans or deny food.

  2. When the orphanages with a cross at the top of the building when acting like savage centers, that gives a terrible image for the whole Christian community.

  3. The girls told the Police that they were beaten up by the nuns at the orphanage and there were days when they were not given food.

    No wonder, recent unbecoming stories of religious clearly indicats that religious congregations in India lost its saltiness, the holiness, The vows for them is routine repeating every year without anybody’s notice and violates within the convent walls with the protection of spiritual privacy, un-caught criminals. Now the time is reached that the morals of the govt officials are higher than the Catholic religious.
    An organisation called C R I which advocates all the CRIminals of its members when public scandals arise, by transferring to other states even abroad while destroying the proofs, they tactically blackmail the local hierarchy and public. They are high net work group.

    The so called organisation was created with good intentions by church in India but when money power, institutional power increased its nature has changed upward down.

    Recently many catholic orphanages were closed just because they don’t want take the precautions of the modern trend. Govt place laws when the research reports are insisting it. Children were badly abused in our country. The genuine custodians of the hostels and orphanages should have come forward to assure safe childhood, while on the other hand they protested the protecting step of the govt. (it clearly can be read they are merely paid shepherds not the real ones)
    Indian missionaries and religious thought is focusing on profit (utilitarian culture – the monetary benefits), and challangeless profession while many laity is coming forward with challenging life style…for Christ and his mission…

    A revaluation in religious life is urgent need, without which church in India will become weaker and sometimes nil, not because of persecution but because unwantedness of such burden in the coming future… Thanks to CWC for protecting the children in crisis

  4. Gosh! Unbelievable!! One fails to understand why our holy do-gooders would take such a chance considering how ANTI-CHRISTIAN the atmosphere already is in the country. It’s time the bishops concerned and the authorities of religious congregations running facilities meant for providing succour, service and justice to the marginalized check on the goings-on in ALL such institutes and take remedial steps before it is too late.

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