Ban Valentine’s day celebrations: TN fringe Hindu outfit

Coimbatore: A Tamil Nadu based fringe Hindu outfit Tuesday wanted the district administration to ban Valentine’s Day celebrations tomorrow.

Such celebrations are against the culture and tradition of India, Hindu Makkal Katchi president Arjun Sampath told reporters.

He also took strong objection to actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan’s reported remarks on “Hindu extremism.”

Haasan recently courted controversy when he hit out at whathe called Hindu extremism, claiming that right-wing groups have taken to violence because their earlier “strategy” has stopped working.

The actor, who is facing flak over his comments on right-wing extremism, has clarified he never intended to hurt Hindus and opposed violence in the name of any religion, Outlook repoted.

The HMK, however, welcomed his “stand not to join hands with Rajinikanth.”

Haasan has recently made it clear that any political alliance with superstar Rajinikanth was unlikely if his colour is “saffron”, in an apparent reference to the BJP.

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  1. What about blue jeans-fork and knife-pants and shirt ? These backward uncivilized minded people who are the spiritual advisers of the nation, be prepared for national anarchy.

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