BJP asked to route Holy Land freebee through Kandhamal

Free pilgrimage to the Holy Land is an election promise of BJP

By Matters India Reporter

Shillong: A veteran social activist in Meghalaya has asked the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to route its offer of free Holy Land pilgrimage to Christians through Kandhamal of Odisha.

“Let Christians find out first what the BJP has done to Christians in Kandhamal before they take the free pilgrimage to Jerusalem,” said PBM Basaiawmoit, a senior leader of the Presbyterian Church and former vice president of the National Council of Churches in India.

The BJP, which heads the federal coalition and rules as many as 19 states, is a major contender for power in Meghalaya, a Christian majority state in northeastern India, which is scheduled to elect its legislative assembly on February 27.

Free Holy Land trip to Christians is one of the party’s election promises.

Basaiawmoit made this demand on February 22 during the release of “Who Killed Swami Laxmanananda?” an investigative book written by veteran journalist Anto Akkara at Shillong Press Club.

Church leaders and activists working among the Kandhamal survivors allege that the victims have not received justice even after eight years.

Billy P Domes, who released the book, hailed it as “powerful” in bringing out the “naked truth about Kandhamal. It shocks one and all.”

Domes pointed out that the book has drawn lot of national attention by exposing the 2008 Hindu nationalist conspiracy to target Christians in Kandhamal, a district in Odisha, eastern India.

“Kandhamal will always remain a blot on the face of India,” Akkara said during a multi-media presentation exposing the Kandhamal fraud and travesty of justice with seven Christians languishing in jail for the past nine years.

Akkara explained how Hindu nationalist groups conspired to carry out Swami Laxmanananda’s murder on the August 23, 2008, the Hindu festival of birth of Lord Krishna. The Hindu radicals allegedly spread the rumor that the murder was a ‘Christian conspiracy’ for political gain.

The radicals took the slain swami’s body in a funeral procession that crisscrossed Kandhamal for two days inciting illiterate mobs to take revenge on Christians for ‘killing’ the Hindu leader, Anto alleged. Nearly 100 Christians were killed and 300 churches and 6,000 houses were plundered during the months-long violence that rendered 56,000 homeless.

“But, sadly and shockingly, seven innocent Christians including a mentally challenged are jail by subverting the judicial system,” Akkara said.

He urged the media to find out from KJ Alphons, a Christian in the federal cabinet, why the seven are languishing in jail. Alphons, who had studied in a Catholic seminary in Shillong, is the campaign in-charge of BJP in Meghalaya.

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6 thoughts on “BJP asked to route Holy Land freebee through Kandhamal

  1. You still support the party? What about the people who suffered and still suffering people in jail? You are telling BJP did a good thing? I thought India is for all people, not only for Hindus. If I have a small child & a big child I will give more attention to small child, since I know this child is so weak and if I don’t support that child someone who is more powerful than my child will harm that child. Christians and Muslims are powerless when comparing with Hindus. Forget about religion. So many people lost there homes. If it is because of calamities government offers homes and other facilities for them. When it came to religion attach why they silent. Like that seven innocent people in jail. Even a small incident happened in our country there would be strike to release the innocent man who is police custody and media will celebrate it. Where is all? Because they know who is behind this politics and afraid to respond or silently supports Hinduism. Don’t worry Christian’s will not going to kill any people for that. We have a powerful weapon – prayer. And God Himself will fight for us. Whoever do crimes against innocent people or churches didn’t go anywhere without punishment. Our cries will reach to God and you wait & see the families of these criminals who played behind this. Their seven generations will be punished, it is the promise of God. Only one thing they can do , repent in front of God & do right things. By supporting these people don’t bring the punishment of God into your family also. Why you want your children and grandchildren be punished because of you. Praise the Lord.+

  2. Why talk of Holy Land? If only this party would think of making India a “Holy Land ” by adhering to the principles and values contained in the Constitution. But there continues to exist many modern “Kandhamals” under the right wing parties.

  3. You’re right Joyce! Let us all hope and pray that better sense prevails and our fellow Christians don;t betray the community because of those Holy Land freebies.

  4. Very open challenge to the anti-Christian rulers of India refuting their illogical claim that the defenseless minority Christians are protected and loved. What an international hoax?

    The upcoming election in Nagaland and Meghalaya is a divine mandate exclusively delivered to the Christians of those States to teach a hard lesson to the BJP, and an uplifting lesson to all other political parties that we are worshiping a living GOD; and we will not bow down in front of any deity.

    Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal are the radical sister Organizations of RSS. See their role at India in the persecution of the Christians.

    Christian persecution from 1964 to 1996 38
    1997 24
    1998 90

    Based on the Ministry of Human Affairs, in 2014, 30% increase in persecution. The RSS Central Government did the correct job. In 2015 177 and in 2016 300.

    According to the International Christian persecution monitoring Organization ” Open Doors”, India was ranking 15th in Christian persecution.

    The majority persecution was from U.P., Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharastra. The northern-northwestern and north central States are undertaking the active job of Christian persecution. All of these States are under the BJP control.

    In Gujarat where the Christian population is less than 1%, in 2001, 109 attacks against the Christians and 155 attacks for the rest of India. The Dang region of Gujarat where thousands of Dalits have embraced the Christian faith, big attacks were undertaken before the eyes of Modi, but he kept quite.

    The Minister of Civil Aviation in Karnataka T. John in June 30, 2002, made a statement that the earthquake took place on 26 in Gujarat was a judgement of GOD for the minority persecution of Christians and Muslims. He was forced to resign the job.

    The RSS Titanic is skinking, repeatedly attacking the the CM and the Ministry of New Delhi.
    The RSS rulers will attack and oppress the Christian-Muslim and Dalit minorities at the nick of the time.

    If the majority Christian franchise of North-Eastern States of India is not teaching a lesson to the BJP, then GOD will be crying for the sin of omission.

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