Christians urged to take care of the “last, least and lost”

New ideologies and new theologies are needed to counter increasing intolerance and violence in the name of religion, caste, creed and region

By Philip Mathew

Bengaluru: Some 1,500 Catholic religious men and women gathered in the southern Indian city of on February 25 to discuss the current situation of India.

The Bengaluru unit of Conference of Religious India (CRI) organized what they termed as Sanyasa Sangama (religious gathering). Its theme was “Response of the consecrated to the .changing scenario of India.”

Speaking on the occasion, Salesian Father Edward Thomas, president of CRI Bengaluru, reminded the gathering that “Christianity is not a cult or a religion, but a spiritual movement.”

He regretted the increase in intolerance and violence in the name of religion, caste, creed and region. “We need new ideologies and new theologies to counter. We need new wine in new wineskins,” he said.

The priest also noted that the Christians must be in the forefront to take care of the “last, least and lost.”

Christians should not indulge in religious conversion, but become converters of the heart, he told the gathering.

Dinesh Gundu Rao, a leading politician in Karnataka, said that in spite of the allegations that Christians indulged in conversion, their population in India has not increased. So, such are baseless allegations by vested interests, said Rao, a leader of the Indian National Congress Party.

The CRI is a conference of major superiors Catholic religious congregations. It is also a body of 1,15,000 religious men and women spread all over the country.

Among the goals of CRI is to “promote fellowship at all levels of the Christian community in a spirit of humble service and in collaboration with all sections of the people of God and all people of good will.”

Felicitating social and political leaders and cultural presentations were among the highlights of the event.

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6 thoughts on “Christians urged to take care of the “last, least and lost”

  1. Which body is bigger and influencial in Indian Catholic circle in decision making, the CRI or CBCI?
    I think cbci come under CRI or atleast sounds so. Or is cbci a pressure group in CRI?
    Anyway to mostof the laity church in India is ‘mystery in miserable condition’.

  2. In all means CRI (I don’t mean short form for criminals) try to protest catholic church’s magisterial teaching like catechism of Catholic Church like documents, even redicule bible saying it is very old book (they reject it like NCRT books they want profit in selling private book, because they are bothered about 40% for survival). Most of the time CRI appears to defend for their own existential needs and not for values of Christianity even as much as Protestant groups.
    A question to all readers:
    What is the basic difference between Protestant groups and Catholic religious of India?. Both speak about Jesus. Both protests the structure of the Catholicism. One difference ever since I found is Protestant groups don’t made vow of obedience, chastity and poverty, but they follow to the maximum they can where as Catholic religious of India vow to obey church but to the maximum they disobey, they take vow of chastity but in every day YouTube and other media we see totally different picture and hidden news all know how much they violate vow of chastity more than the other groups…poverty we know from their personal life style…. (I am not talking about mother Theresa like rare species were in India)

  3. Dear brother Mathew. Well said. It is in living the teachings of our Savior that makes us Christians. It is often mistaken that what matters most is our observance of rituals many of which have nothing to do with the real purpose of the coming of Son of God but instead mere stage performance, a kind of a mono act or multi starrer (depending on the number of priests officiating) of certain incidences from Bible. Also forgotten is that Jesus’ instructions to proclaim the gospel came with a caveat (given when he was alive as man) that is to leave if not welcomed. We see in Acts that the Apostles are guided by Holy Spirit (Spirit of God) from going to certain places. So today’s evangelists must continually pray for the Spirit to guide them which places to go to. Certainly, I believe, that the Hindi belt and tribal areas will get excluded given the resurgence of hardliners and a desire amongst most Hindus to assert themselves. God the Father and Jesus loves peaceful coexistence more than perpetual tensions between different communities .Good day.

  4. The anti-minority and especially the anti-Christian spirit released by the current Central Government will be bringing some great fundamental changes in the attitude of the Christians at first; that the believers of all Christian denominations will be getting together to undertake greater humanitarian service for the suffering people of India.

    JESUS didn’t come to the world to start Christianity. For the first time in Antioch, the followers of Christians were addressed by the public ” Christians “. JESUS preached the Kingdom of GOD upon the earth through following HIS teachings of love and sharing; and the free gift of salvation from sins through believing in HIM and confessing our sins before HIM. When the followers were filled with the promised Holy Spirit, then the followers were guided to worship and share the material things for the suffering believers and the world. The first century Church offerings were mainly used for the widows and orphans of the Church.

    Another indirect blessing of the persecution upon the Christians is the favorable attitude generated by the peace-loving people of all other religious people towards the persecuted Christians.

    What Paul said in Romans 8:28 ” And we know that in all things, GOD works for the good of those who love HIM, who have been called according to HIS purpose”. Do we love HIM? If so, love one another and the poor, and take care of them as the main factor of our worship of GOD.

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