Churches should take lead in fighting against corruption; Arunachal CM

Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu on Saturday hailed the Christian community of the state for their contributions made in molding the society and professing peace and communal harmony.

Attending the 7th General Conference cum Election of the Arunachal Christian Forum (ACF) at Christian Revival Church (CRC), Khandu lauded the Forum for leading from the front and being the torch bearers of the Christian community that forms a major chunk of the state’s population.

“I have personally known and have been following the leaders of ACF and its activities. Over the years I have seen that its leaders are mature, decent and disciplined as true Christians and their active involvement in day to day life of the people in general and the society in particular has been of immense impact. As I congratulate the would-be new leaders of the Forum, I also congratulate the outgoing leaders for their stupendous performance while in chair,” Khandu said.

He expressed optimum faith that the Forum under the new leadership would continue the legacy of their predecessors and spread the message of Christ.

Khandu also praised the Churches of various denominations that have presence in the state saying the role of Churches in evolution of a matured society is immeasurable. He appealed Church leaders as well as all religious leaders to preach good values of life in making a better individual as their followers have utter faith on them and would never go against their teachings.

He further highlighted the influence of Churches that can be utilized efficiently to defeat corrupt practices in life, governance and politics.

“Churches should take lead in the fight against corruption that roots up from electoral politics based on money culture. If involvement of money in elections can be rooted out, corruption will fade out eventually. If Churches preach believers to desist from money laundering in elections, the first war in the battle against corruption would be won,” Khandu asserted.

The Chief Minister also advised all religious bodies not to confuse between religion and politics, which he asserted should be kept away from each other.

“State government is committed to the welfare and development of each and every community of the state irrespective of their religious affiliations,” he added.

(Northeast Today)

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2 thoughts on “Churches should take lead in fighting against corruption; Arunachal CM

  1. This is the height of hypocrisy. A man who became Chief Minister with the most dubious means is preaching about the eradication of corruption!! He is also reportedly the richest Chief Minister in India. From where did this tribal leader accumulate crores of rupees?

  2. Mr. Pema Khandu is well taught at the BJP/RSS school of brainwashing session, how to brainwash the Christians of India.

    He went to Hindu College in New Delhi. Changed the political party from Indian National Congress in 2016 to People’s Party of Arunachel Pradesh to BJP at present. The Christian Church is growing very rapidly in Arunachal Pradesh, thus he wanted to apply the lessons he learned in brainwashing.

    In 2014 itself, with the full backing of the BJP, the Government of India wanted to take off the Christmas holiday and to transform December 25 as the new Governance day as well as the birth day of Vajpayee. The Minister of Education Smriti Irani played the key role with the whole backing of the party; her only authentic educational diploma was from a Catholic High School.

    Finance Minister Arun Jaitly who got his High School education in a Catholic High School gave a Christmas party at his home; but none of the BJP leaders showed up.

    When Advani was invited to speak at the Marthoma Church gathering in Kerala, what a great talk he has delivered about the great contribution of the Christians in India in education and healthcare. He got educated in a Christian College in Pakistan. He doesn’t love the Christians but not showed any deliberate hatred towards the Christians.

    When two people of Kerala origin were canonized in 2015, PM Modi delivered a big talk about the great contribution to the gathering of the Catholic leaders and Bishops in New Delhi. I was wondering while hearing his sermon through youtube, what I am hearing? He has never uttered a word about the tripled attacks against the Christians under his administration.

    When the Home Minister and the current Vice President Venkiah Naidu were invited by the Catholic Church, the V.P for the last year’s Christmas program in Bangalore, both of them talked like they love the Christians like their own. But in 2014, both of them were speaking without any break to have a national anti-conversion law specifically targeting the minority Christians of India. Not even 00.1% BJP leaders love the Christians of India, however a good percentage of the leaders got educated in the Christian schools and Colleges of India. At present, 12 Cabinet members of the BJP Government were educated in the Christian institutions, mainly in the Catholic Church educational Institutions.

    When Yeddyurappa became the BJP CM Minister of Karnataka, in the month of September, 2008, the number of attacks against the Churches were the daily routine, attacking the praying women and men inside the Church. If the anti-Christian Yeddyurappa is invited to speak in a Christian gathering (nobody has invited him) he will talk about the great contribution given by the Christians for Karnataka and wipe the tears.

    The Christian majority northeastern States are now challenged to take a united and firm stand not to be bluffed by the enticing sermons on the mountain of the BJP leaders who are coached to talk highly about the minority Christians of India. That is pure trap! The soothing medication is the package of deadly poison.

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