Don’t sell Jesus, Baptist leader asks Naga politicians

Nagaland goes to poll on February 27

By Matters India Reporter

Kohima: The leader of Baptists in Nagaland has urged politicians in the Christian-majority state not to betray their faith for money and power.

“Do not surrender your Christian principles and above all your faith for the sake of money and development,” says Reverend Aelhou Keyho, general secretary of the Nagaland Baptist Churches Council (NBCC) in a letter addressed to leaders of all political parties, mostly Christians, in the northeastern Indian state.

Nagaland is scheduled to elect its legislative assembly on February 27.

Reverend Keyho urged the state’s politicians not to fall into “the hands” of those using development as a ploy to “pierce the heart of Jesus Christ” and “allow God to weep.” This was In an apparent reference to the attempts by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to forge electoral alliance and capture power in Nagaland.

The Baptist leader said he was compelled to write the open letter to caution the Naga politicians about a party that works “tooth and nail” to make its presence known and seen in Nagaland, a frontline Christian-majority state in India. “Have you ever seriously questioned their intention? If you have not, do not be fooled,” the letter said.

The Church leader noted that since the people of Nagaland are “fond of propaganda” they fail to understand how Christians are being persecuted in other parts of the country.

The persecution of Christians has “tripled” in recent years with pastors, evangelists and missionaries being dragged openly in the streets, harassed and insulted. “Their homes are destroyed and children discriminated in schools. Worship places are burnt down and believers are often disturbed and harassed,” the February 9 letter said.

Reverend Keyho also lamented that the government has barred several Church leaders from overseas from entering India. “The most recent happening is the refusal of visa for the Baptist Alliance president Reverend Paul Msiza” on February 8, he added.

He also expressed his anguish over being “closely watched and followed” in India.

“God must be weeping when Naga politicians” run after those seeking to destroy Christianity in India, Reverend Keyho said. “What will become of us and the Christians in India” if “Christian politicians easily embrace the political ideologies of those who seek to destroy the Christian faith in India?” he asked.

He also wanted to know how political parties in Nagaland would justify their alliance with the BJP. “Is your political party willing to sell Jesus for the sake of development?”

The BJP has formed an alliance with the Nationalist Democratic People’s Party (NDPP), a local party, after ending its 15-year-old alliance with the Naga People’s Front.

In an earlier interview to The Indian Express, Reverend Keyho said getting a regional party has emboldened the BJP. “While politicians will say the BJP is only a political party and we are not part of the RSS, it is just political talk.”

Regarding the NBCC’s open stand against the BJP, the Baptist leader said: “This time it (the RSS-backed BJP) has really become a threat. That is why we felt we had to make a strong statement not only on behalf of the church here but also on behalf of Christians in the country in general.”

The BJP faces several challenges in Nagaland and Meghalaya, a neighboring state that too goes poll on February 27. In both the poll-bound states, the BJP is seen as an anti-minority party.

The saffron party’s alleged support for pan-India “beef ban” and silence over attacks on minorities have put the BJP on the backfoot in the two states.

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13 thoughts on “Don’t sell Jesus, Baptist leader asks Naga politicians

  1. Judas betrayed Jesus for the 30 pieces of silver coins. The faith one cherishes today needs to be preserved not to be sold in the name of development, money, name and fame. The consequence of Judas was terrible.

  2. When I hear the logic of some people that the Christians will have to keep silent while they are under persecution in India which was tripled under the BJP regime, I feel to ask them some questions.

    How the RSS/BJP used the great Hindu religion of tolerance for political mileage? Why the Ayodhya episode was taken place? It was fully to fool the mindless religious fanatical Hindus of India, thus came into power with 31% of the electorate.

    Take the Christian majority States of India. They are are ranking at the top level in education-healthcare-hygiene-social harmony etc. If the RSS rulers are trying swallow the Christian dominated States of India, social disharmony and economic catastrophe will overtake those States.

    ” Holy Spirit” is mentioned both in the New and Old Testament. In the old Testament, it is the spirit of GOD and in the New Testament, it is the spirit of JESUS. JESUS before HIS ascension to heaven assured the disheartened disciples glancing at the Master’s ascension promised that HE will send the Holy Spirit. The holy spirit is JESUS CHRIST in the spirit. When driven by the holy spirit, the spirit filled people are driven by a new spirit of selfless life of love and charity.

    But we read in the Book of John 16:8, the three fold functions of the holy spirit as ” conviction of sin” ” GOD’s righteousness” and ” Judgement “.

    The northeastern Christians are the great great grand children of the head hunters, they came to know about a loving and living GOD JESUS CHRIST who can transform human life and behavior. The Holy Spirit will be working through the Christian leaders about the urgency of “GOD’s righteousness ” in this coming election.

    Why Sri. Kannanthanam was appointed as the Minister of Tourism and sent him to the northeastern States to lay the foundation of trapping the Christian majority States with economic packages? The big package of Rs. 70 crore for the development of Christian Tourism in the State of Meghalaya was declined by two of the oldest Churches in Meghalaya is clear indicator that the Holy Spirit is working there. Why the visa for the President of the Baptist World Alliance was declined by the Government of India to speak at the Meghalaya Baptist Convention? That shows the real color of the RSS rulers of India. How the Christians can be silent?

    The Church, which is the body of CHRIST must be fully alerted by the power of the Holy Spirit to show a new chapter of supernatural miracle at the election result this month itself in Meghalaya. If the Ghats and Dalits got the wisdom not to cast their votes at the BJP boxes in Rajastan, then the Christians of Meghalaya will be displaying a new writing on the wall through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

  3. Well said. It is time that the Sanghis and their affiliates begin to be served the same type of medicine they serve the minorities…their agenda is well focused and their only identity is a total disconnect between what they say and do. Beware!

    1. Sanghis honey coated cyanide medication to the Christians as development package prescribed by Dr. Kannanthanam will be highly dangerous.

  4. Yes, a careful study needs to be done in the case of north east tilting towards bjp. Under the guise of development many north east are going to be lost under the bjp. Already signs are visible.

  5. Kohima: The leader of Baptists in Nagaland has urged politicians in the Christian-majority state not to betray their faith for money and power.
    I wish if the leader motivated the same topic in Bangalru CBCI meet!!! Indian church is a church of mourning and moaning church,
    not a thanksgiving church for Christ and the suffering for Christ. Catholic Church in India is misusing-church of resources – the power of institutions, religious life, clerical dress etc.. in the name of Jesus and church. A church which is indifferent, a church which is always moaning, a church without morally high standard leaders… Now they are still going to make another Cardinal to cry in the name of Dalit. Why Dalit is Dalit in Christianity. The RSS propaganda for Gar Bapsi why successful?
    Church need to fight against lust- the adulterous behaviour, obedience -moral capacity to dismiss the disobedient ones even socially in high position.
    Church is a big structure with weak morally maintenance workers (the bishops, VG, protoprisbiters.. Superior generals, provincials vicars and mother superiors…
    Hope to see married laity take up the role of the church in an exceptional manner soon…

    1. The Churches of India, especially the richest Catholic Church with 20 million believers now faced with the real challenge to stand up and declare truth and righteousness.

      Read the book of Esther in the Bible. How she was used for the deliverance of the Jews? The Catholic Church of India has that mandate placed upon them by GOD ALMIGHTY.

  6. This is perhaps the most forthright and blunt assertion by any Christian frontliner in India. Not one of our Catholic bishops has come out so boldly in urging the general populace to take a wise stand on what’s going on in the country as a result of the BJP’s policies. Such boldness and frankness on the part of a religious needs to be encouraged and applauded rather than derided by those who do not understand RSS ideology. Such criticizers fail to realize that they betray their purchase!
    Having said that, what keeps the Catholic bishops of the country from forming a special body of ALL CHRISTIAN BISHOPS in the country and coming out with some strategies to combat the anti-Christian nuisance unleashed on our community?

    1. The Catholic Church with their 200 Bishops must meet the Christian leaders of their area of all denominations to develop a grand strategy, how to alert the Christians about the impending danger sword upon the Christians of India under the BJP rule. We see the positive news that the BJP Titanic is sinking; but keeping quite in the comfort zone is a very dangerous attitude.

      The RSS/BJP rulers used the Hindu religion to come into power and they wanted to create an Hindu theocracy in India where the minorities, especially the Christians will be highly tormented. But they don’t want the religious leaders of other religions to speak loud for the rights of the minorities. To avert that critical trap, the Christian Churches will have to work hand in hand with the Christian loving political parties of India. It seems like due to some fear of the BJP, their leaders are invited to speak in the Christian gatherings. They don’t love the Christians, then why they are invited to speak at the Christian gathering? Please invite political leaders like the CM of New Delhi and West Bengal at the Christian gatherings, they love the Christians. Last year’s Christmas in West Bengal was an historical event. How many Christians are in West Bengal? The Christians will have to take a solid stand to stand with the Christian-loving politicians in real actions, not in the mere ornate talk of bluffing.

  7. Most of the Christian politicians are first opportunists, They crave for some position even betraying their Christian teachings. Also they have less faith in their religion and so are ready to give up their rights. Some political parties understand this and handle them to their advantage

    1. Very true. The Christian politicians will indirectly use religion to come into power, then they keep the religion inside the Church hall; but will be focused to expand his or her political circle even bowing down in front of the anti-Christian politicians.

      Now, if the Christian politicians all across India won’t get united for the fundamental rights of the minority Christians, thus alerting the Christians and Christian supporters of other religions, also into the foreign lands, then GOD will not let the Christian politicians go unpunished for their sins of omission.

      The northeastern and southern States will have to take the leadership in this national revolution.

  8. Great sign to see that the Christian leaders of the Northeastern States got the clue about the sneaky strategy of the BJP administration using the Tourism Minister as the fisherman of the Christians through promising the fake development promises.

    The BJP rulers are fully anti-Christian. Why the visa for the President of the World Baptist Alliance was declined by the Indian Embassy in Johanesburh to attend the Baptist convention in Meghalaya?

    As we have witnessed the uprooting circus of the BJP flags in Rajasthan and Gujarat, the Christian majority Northeastern States have the divine mandate to look to heaven and stand for their fundamental right to worship; thus show to the rest of India that the Christians are worshiping a living GOD and will not be fooled. Support any party which has given freedom of religion for the Christians, but don’t split the votes so that BJP can make some deadly inroads there.

    The Church must pray very earnestly. The freedom loving people of all religions in India are looking to the Christian majority northeastern States to rejoice in watching the faster sinking of the BJP Titanic. SO HELP US GOD.

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