“Living in Faith” is to live your faith as Catholic

This is not ‘one of those publications’ one may call those pious sanitized bland ones available in numerous and different from in various parts of India

A professionally managed and published monthly magazine of 200 pages in digest size is at your doorstep since February. It has a worldwide circulation of more than 1 million copies touching upon the continent of Europe and North America.

It made its Asian entry through India with the February 2018 issue. Cardinal Oswald Gracias, Archbishop of Bombay, launched the project on January 13 at a solemn ceremony. The monthly has received good welcome responses from all over India within a couple of weeks.

At the launch Cardinal Gracias stated the purpose of the publication. “I am delighted that Living in Faith, a monthly Catholic companion magazine, and a very useful aid for a better participation in the Eucharist and for praying and living the Gospel, is being launched in India and is beginning its entry in the country in our Archdiocese of Bombay.”

Published by Tranzmedia Netvision Pvt. Ltd. from Santacruz (East), Mumbai, the project is part of the well-established Catholic publishers Bayard of France owned by the Augustinians of Assumption who have a whopping 190 publications to make the Catholic faith and life dynamic and living. Living in Faith is the Indian version of Living with Christ published from Paris.

This is not ‘one of those publications’ one may call those pious sanitized bland ones that are available in numerous and different from in various parts of India. The“Living in Faith” is a Catholic Eucharistic family magazine, which is definitely different. It will help readers to participate in the Holy Mass meaningfully. Besides the Eucharistic prayers, it has daily readings and reflections on them from well-established Catholic writers, both priests, religious and lay people.

It also carries information and nuggets related to the church unfamiliar to most readers. The February issue has an article on the Gregorian calendar which the whole world follows. Few would know Pope Gregory XIII promulgated it in 1582 after a grueling exercise by mathematicians, theologians and others.

Short profiles of saints for the day will inspire readers to follow the tenacity and holiness of those great men and women. Special focus will be on Catholic saints and personalities related to India. The February issue has a feature on Saint John de Britto, martyr of Oriyur, Tamil Nadu.

It will also carry features on Catholics who contributed to the culture, language and integral development of India, and thereby highlighting the Church’s role in the growth of India and its people. Though the usual issue of the magazine is nearly 200 pages, some issues are slightly bigger like the one for March with 300 pages with details of the Holy Week and Easter.

Printed in easy-to-read font size “Living in Faith” will help you to offer the Holy Mass, understanding clearly each word in the Eucharistic prayer. It could replace the huge missal that priests carry to the altar.

An added attraction is the inaugural offer: 12 issues at the price of 8 on just a simple missed call: 7820007728 or www.livingfaith.in/subscribe

Besides the print version, “Living in Faith” has a well-maintained website which covers themes related to faith, family, living, and pilgrimage along with a beautiful gallery of photos which are connected to Catholic Church and life. Enlightening and informative articles will help the visitors to think and reflect about life and the world.

A copy of Living in Faith will definitely make the faithful proud to be a member of the Catholic Church, a religion with a dynamic history enveloping the whole world. The Church has 1.5 billion followers worldwide, who make qualitatively contributions to education, economy, and health.

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