Minor girl tonsured on community diktat in Chhattisgarh

Raipur: In a bizarre community diktat, a minor Baiga girl’s head was partially tonsured after she was allegedly found holding hands of a married man in a village in chief minister’s home district Kawardha.

Though the girl clarified that the man was drunk and was trying to molest her, Baiga community slapped fine of Rs 5000 on her family as well as man’s family and ordered to partially tonsure her head. While it was against the rituals for women to chop hair in Baiga tribe, police took cognizance of the matter and began probe.

Thirteen-year-old tribal girl hailing from remote Shendorkhar village in Kawardha district was forced to wear veil on her head to prevent those mocking at her partially tonsured head.

According to information, the girl studying in Class 7 who also works as a labourer at an under-construction site, was approached by a married man who was reportedly drunk and tried to touch her. When others in same tribe spotted him touching her, they took the matter to community head complaining that the duo was in illicit relationship and should be punished. The incident took place on January 21 and was highlighted late after media was alerted.

The community heads decided to slap fine on both the families worth Rs 5000 each. But the punishment for girl and her family was a little more. The members not only demanded family for a community feast but also ordered to partially tonsure girl’s head.

Girl told media that her father borrowed Rs 6000 from relatives for the feast with non-vegetarian food and liquor. Girl’s mother said that unmarried girls can’t chop their hair but the diktat was such that they had to follow what the members demanded.

Later, Police have arrested Arjun Yadav under section 354, 323 of IPC and 7,8 of POCSO who also pulled the girl by hair while molesting her.

And ten others from Baiga tribe were arrested under Section 384, 34 of IPC AND relevant sections of Civil Rights Protection Act for boycotting the family of girl and tonsuring her head.

Bhagwat Das Manikpuri, sarpanch said that I was called for discussion by the community two days after the incident on January 24. It wasn’t a big matter, the man was drunk and tried to touch the girl. Later, I counselled the man and others and returned, I had no idea that the family would be fined or girl would be tonsured, he said.

However, Kawardha SP Lal Umed Singh said that though the case wasn’t reported by the family, police has taken cognizance of the matter and a team was sent to the village for investigation.

(Source: Times of India)

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2 thoughts on “Minor girl tonsured on community diktat in Chhattisgarh

  1. According to me the benefits of the punishment by the tribals..
    1. Until her hair grows she will remember her care less girlhood to be changed. It is an alert millstone in her life span. Best therapy suitable timely… The heads are also careful not to humiliate here beyond the expectation, because they having vioce in the community (until modern media intrude into make calamity)
    2. Communities humiliation will remind her of virtuous life better than loose life, it is also a lesson for the other girls of the tribes too.
    3. This punishment is curative that doesn’t hunt her psychologically in same manner as the bad effects of victims of child abuse kept secret for long. The side effects of sex abuse are push into adultry, Earge for nude or pronography, abortion trends, beastiality, etc.
    4. The parents will find it costly to send young daughter to alone in work areas for earning. They will stop child labour or they will be more alert in with an eye on their child. 5000 is big for them
    5. For the man who drunk will twice think because without money he will not be drunk. It is full stop atleast a semicolon in his drinking profile. 5000 must be big for him too.
    6. Wife of the man also will intervene in the matter to save the victim and take extra care in his behaviour in the future..

    So why media and sarpach harass them. Judiciary from top to lower level in India is not able to make decision in juries prudence….

  2. Tribal culture is great thing, because of which those baiga indigenous group is still surviving. Modern judges judge with peripherals. Tribal wisdom was and is greater. Unfortunately in Indian senerio they are poor…
    Let a good researching clinical psychologist or exorcist tell what did by the community heads was wrong or not. I challenge and say the best they did to recover that girl from pulling her in to adultry in her youth hood onwards… It was a therapy, like that of Namans bath in river Jordan as ordered by prophet Elia.

    This is a time of discussion of child abuse. It is proven that Child abuse victims has a life long impact from the movement of the abuse… Mostly children keep it hide, because of the fear of sudden after effect.. Mean while the psychological the person grow into a big mess (iceberg)…
    This baiga heads are able to understand this human dynamism and they do the therapy on the spot, for better heal… They cannot afford to consult a psychologist or superpeciality hospital..

    Please don’t judge the indigenous groups actions with modern mad society. Democratic country should accommodate all valuable communities of our country with it dignity, police studied less should not be their judge nor other communities who are not able to maintain their own community..

    Here don’t mix with child labour that is another topic because our politicians and government officials did not do their duty to redeem the community financially. It is their fate as they are part our corrupt national implementation.
    Baiga group has trained girls to be virgin even amidst alcoholics. They know to punish the parents and all to safeguard their community…

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