“Red water” blamed for health problems in Chhattisgarh village

The worst affected are women

Raipur: Residents of a village in Chhattisgarh complain that lack of safe drinking water has caused them various health problems.

The Aamtahi village of Balrampur area in the central Indian state gets only “red water” through hand pumps. The villagers lament that they have no other option but to drink the contaminated water to survive. Drinking it has caused multiple skin diseases and various other health hazards.

The worst affected are women. They have to cook food, wash utensils, wash clothes but due to this contaminated water, they have to walk to a nearby farm, which is over a kilometer away, to get safe water even for the basic needs.

The women have urged the authorities for a well to be dug in the locality which might bring an end to their troubles.

A tenth grader suffering from a severe backache says several people in her locality suffer from similar body aches. Even the hand pumps in the school premises give only ‘red water,’ she added.

Following the villagers’ complaint the authorities have ordered for a check on the water sample.


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