YMCA India holds 30th National Convention in Goa

By Matters India Reporter

Panaji: The Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) of India is holding its 30th National Convention from Feb 11-13 in Goa.

The theme is “Women against Violence.” This is further explicated with sub-themes such as “Women-challenging traditions and social norms,” “Gender equality and Stereotyping Men” and ‘Positive Journalism for awareness and prevention of Violence against Women.”

A host of speakers from various fields are invited to address the conference.

A ten-member cultural team from Jana Vikas, a social service center from Kandhamal, Odisha, Eastern India, is called to participate as a young women from Kandhamal and perform on the awareness program on violence against women especially on domestic violence, child marriage and trafficking, Father Madan Sual Singh, director of Jana Vikas, told Matters India.

On Feb 10, the Kandhamal team performed the program. More than 300 candles made by Self Help Group (SHG) members from Guibali village under Balliguda Block of Kandhamal was used in the prayer session during the procession. The candles were taken just to appreciate and recognize the initiative taken by SHG members for their livelihood which is supported by YWCA, India

Father Singh is called as one of the panelists where he will be speaking on the topic “Advocacy through Collations and Networking on Feb 12 -13.

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1 thought on “YMCA India holds 30th National Convention in Goa

  1. The Bible says ” Where there is no vision (no redemptive revelation of GOD), the people will perish….,” Proverbs 29:18.

    George Williams, a drapery factory worker got the vision while watching the spiritual apathy and bankruptcy of the factory workers; thus started on June 6, 1844, the YMCA in London. Its goal was for a healthy mind and body for the members.

    It began to grow rapidly in U.K. then to Australia and U.S. The real expansion of the YMCA was started when a young dynamic person John R. Mott became the student secretary of the YMCA. He got Nobel Prize in 1946, as a catalyst and pioneer of the Ecumenical movement. Now headquartered in Geneva, serving 2 billion beneficiaries around the world. There might not another Organization like this. There is also YWCA for the women. YMCA and YWCA can play a very strong role to create social revolution through Christian foundation.

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