Barefoot Way of the Cross across Singapore

Singapore: More than 140 people, from teens to senior citizens, took part in a special barefoot Way of the Cross across Singapore recently.

The annual event, called Crucis Singapura, was organised by Jesus Youth Singapore. This was the eighth time that the group, part of the Jesus Youth movement which started as a Catholic lay movement in India in 1985, has organised the activity during Lent.

The March 17 event saw people gathering at eight churches across the island and then walking barefoot on hot pavements as they made their way to Agape Village in Toa Payoh, covering distances ranging from 3 to 20 km.

Walking in pairs, participants were given material for spiritual reflection, focusing on the plight of Peter the Apostle and his experiences during Passover night and after

Activities were conducted at various points along the routes, including having participants wash each other’s feet.

When they reached their journey’s end at Agape Village, participants shared the spiritual experiences they had during their walk. Some were moved to tears by their experiences.

The Jesus Youth music ministry also led a time of worship.

Participants also washed each other’s feet along their journey.

Father Frederick Quek, the group’s spiritual director, blessed the participants. He told them that just as Jesus asked Peter, “Do you love me?” Jesus is also asking the same of each person.

“If we do not really do what the Lord wants us to, we are denying Him and not loving Him,” said Fr Frederick.

Zachary Quek, a participant from the Church of Divine Mercy, shared: “Walking barefooted was an insightful experience to me. The sharp pains that occurred while sharing and praying with my partner proved to be a challenge to deal with, as well as the heat from the ground.

“It made me realise about how challenging and trying the Way of the Cross is, but through everything, I can become stronger in my journey, and grow closer to God.”

Jesus Youth has been active in Singapore for the past 16 years.
Source: Jesus Youth Singapore

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