Bihar grooms go all out to save environment

Patna: A task that should have been initiated at the level of the government or NGOs operating in the region is being implemented by grooms. Grooms in Bihar have set off on a mission to save the environment, and they’re using various innovative ideas.

This was clearly on display on Thursday evening when a groom hit the road for his wedding procession on bullock carts instead of petrol-powered vehicles, in a message to save the environment. A convoy of around 100 bullock carts joined the marriage procession in a first-of-its-kind wedding solemnised in east Chamapran district.

The wedding of Anil Sajana was scheduled to be solemnised with Deepmala Kumari on Thursday evening and guests had already arrived to join the wedding ceremony. The guests were left pleasantly surprised when they were asked to ride on decorated bullock carts to join the wedding procession.
A crowd of villagers lined up along either side of the roads as the fleet of carts carrying the groom and the guests rolled out on the roads. Villagers said the lovely scenes of the bullock carts slowly rolling on the dusty rural roads and the humming sounds of bells hanging from oxen’s necks led villagers to come out of their homes, all work being stopped for the moment.
“Growing pollution has become a matter of serious concern across the globe and hence I opted for environment-friendly bullock carts to convey a message to the society,” the groom told the media.

“At the same time, I wanted to send across the message that the wedding procession can also look more attractive and different with a traditional mode, and much to my satisfaction, the message has, very much, been conveyed,” he added.

Reports said the groom’s family had initially invited only around 150 guests but the arrangement of the unique wedding procession impressed people so much that many invited themselves, bringing the total number of guests to over 250. Revellers said the unique wedding procession gave them a different experience, which they would cherish for their entire lives.

Almost a similar thing happened in southern Bihar’s Nawada district, where a groom took out his wedding procession on a fleet of electronic-rickshaws bedecked with flowers and buntings.

“Protecting the environment should be the first concern of the people and nothing better could have conveyed this message,” said groom Ravi Kumar, an engineer, who married Dhara Kumari.

According to him, luxury vehicles being hired to carry guests during weddings have not only caused air pollution but sound pollution as well. “Especially pressure horns pose severe health hazards. So I opted for battery-operated e-rickshaws, rather than luxury cars for my wedding procession,” he explained.


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