Church brings relief during Kerala’s hot summer

By Meenakshy Menon

Kochi: Kadannu varu kadannu varu, sambharam kudikku’, (Come in and have buttermilk). This phrase can be heard spoken loudly near the CSI Immanuel Cathedral near Marine Drive in Kochi, Kerala. Soon, a large crowd would gatherto have the traditional drink.

The Family Care wing of the Church has initiated this free distribution of buttermilk from 11 am to 1.30 p.m. The scorching summer is the reason behind this initiative.

“We buy milk and churn it into curd at home. So, when we bring the curd to the church and mix it, it is fresh and purely natural,” said Abraham Simon, one of the coordinators. “So far, more than 1,200 people enjoyed the drink.”

Two big umbrellas were kept on both sides, near the entrance of the church, and a long bench was put in the middle where the glasses were kept. About five people, including men and women, were seen making and serving the buttermilk to the customers. As the area is next to many schools and colleges, students comprised the majority of visitors. A few school-going children looked puzzled. They were not sure whether they had to buy the drink, but when they realised it was free they took one glass each. “Many auto-rickshaw drivers and pedestrians also came,” said Abraham.

A few customers who came in, after tedious shopping in nearby Broadway said that it was a great benefit for them.Meanwhile, the staff and workers of INTUC of Kerala Books and Publications Society also provided free buttermilk near their Kakkanad unit on Tuesday. Water will be supplied free in the coming days.
( Express News Service)

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