Church performs consecration of holy chrism

Kottayam: The Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church has celebrated the consecration of chrism (holy oil) at a special function at the Catholicate Chapel at Devalokam near Kottayam.

This is after a gap of nine years that the consecration of chrism was being held in the Indian Orthodox Church.


Catholicos Baselius Mar Thoma Paulose II, head of the church, on March 23 led the seven-hour process of the celebration, assisted by other metropolitans, priests and deacons.

Chrism literally means perfumed oil.

Olive oil is the main ingredient, with more than a dozen spices and herbs going into its preparation. The perfumed oil is used for anointing in church sacraments.

Nine times since 1876

According to church authorities, consecration of chrism comes within the exclusive purview of Patriarchs or Catholicoi who will personally act as the chief celebrant during the ceremony.

The ceremony has been held nine times since 1876 in the Indian Orthodox Church, they said.

The latest such celebration was in 2009 when the then Catholicos Baselius Mar Thoma Didymos I led the ceremony as the chief celebrant.

(Source: The Hindu)

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3 thoughts on “Church performs consecration of holy chrism

  1. Recently I was fascinated and inspired to read the Acts of the Apostles. The first century Church began to spread too fast at the coastal areas of the Mediterranean sea. The disciples after filling with the Holy Spirit at the day of Pentecost began to perform wonders like JESUS did.

    The main stars of the Acts of the Apostles are Peter and Paul. How the less literate fisherman turned Apostle Peter began to perform miracles? While he was in a tiny town called Lydda, the followers of JESUS sent an SOS message for St. Peter to come urgently to Joppa because one true holy woman who did much for the saints there was dead. St. Peter reached in a hurry. Tabitha’s funeral preparations was in order. Peter went upstairs where her body was placed, prayed for her and she was raised up, held her hand and brought her down. (Chapter 9).

    Even today healing is taking place in the lives of so many people around the world. Indeed, the wast majority of the non-Christians coming to follow JESUS CHRIST are through divine healing-visions they saw etc.

    I am not at all criticizing the Orthodox Church for this event of ” holy chrism “. By the touch of this holy oil, does any miracle take place? While uneducated poor people of the society pray for the sick, healing is taking place; why the religious hierarchy in their colorful outfit can’t pray like Peter and Paul did to heal the sick and raise the dead?

    1. Mathew Sir,
      Nice thought about raising the dead by our clergymen in fancy dress who carry the cross, but on their neck or in hand. It is not happening and is not going to be. Jesus has a problem: He is totally confused as to which group follows his teachings correctly and deserve this power. There are over 30,000 groups and their leadership claim to be the true inheritors of Jesus’ legacy and in direct hot line with him. He seemed to have tried but gave up. I am hoping he will now give it to this humble self just like he chose his disciples from the lowest of the lowest. And what is my claim to it; challenging beliefs and practices within my church that are inconsistent with his teaching as appear in the Bible.
      Best regards, George

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