Following Jesus not seasonal: Filipino Bishop

By Matters India Reporter

Manila, The Philippines: Following Jesus is not seasonal, said a Filipino bishop.

“Following Jesus is not seasonal or when it is convenient or when we decide to follow Him. It is every day. It is living out what we have committed ourselves to,” Bishop Honesto F. Ongtioco of Cubao said on March 29.

He said this in his homily during a Chrism Mass at the Immaculate Cathedral, Cubao (near Manila), which was attended by about 350 priests, hundreds of nuns and laity.

Bishop Ongtioco reminded the clergy and laity to experience “the integral renewal of the values, mindsets, behaviour and lifestyles” of Jesus as the Philippine church marks this year as “the Year of Clergy and Consecrated People.”

Quoting Pope Francis, the bishop said, “the priesthood is not an assignment but a mission. Jesus and Blessed Mother Mary are the two important models in living our priesthood and consecrated lives.”

Referring to priestly appointments or assignments, the prelate said, “We do not talk about promotion. Real promotion is in our spiritual growth” that percolates in one’s thinking, speaking and acting, reflecting Jesus.

“The priesthood is not about us but about Jesus. The more we are like Him the more we can represent Him, we make Him present in ministering to people,” Bishop Ongtioco said.

“Today, we rekindle the life of love for Christ and our mission. We treasure the gift we have received,” he added.

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  1. These are the real testing times of the Christians around the world. Our Christian faith is tested very severely now all over the world. Is our Christian faith only for Sunday or Sunday through Saturday? In those countries where the Christian faith is under severe trials, the Christian faith is rapidly spreading?

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