Manipur amends Good Friday order after stir by civil bodies

Imphal: The Manipur government has rolled back its order to make Good Friday a full working day for all government offices, following protests by various civil bodies in the state, which has significant Christian population.

Earlier, the government had said Good Friday would be a working day for all government offices and financial institutions to avoid anticipated rush for passing of bills at the fag end of the 2017-18 financial year.

A new modified order was issued yesterday by the Joint Secretary of General Administrative Department on Thursday evening to state that “Good Friday will be full working day for financial institutions and banks” linked to state treasuries.

Senior Congress leader and former deputy chief minister Gaikhangam Gangmei told reporters this morning that Good Friday is universally accepted as a holiday and to change it is a “breach of the secular feature of the Constitution”.



source: PTI

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2 thoughts on “Manipur amends Good Friday order after stir by civil bodies

  1. Be not always, pessimist, teach Indian Christians to live in democratic life ( one among which is discussion and documentation) We lack leaders awake for church,
    We lack documentation custom, addressing the concerned officials in due time.
    We are prone to complain rather than demanding in right door in right place and right time. Which infact is easier.
    Negligence about the situational changes and elites are not ready to communicate to our people sincerely, most of the time informations are secrete and keep it possessively in small nit circles.
    Not ready to learn new things, thinking we are the top of the sources of knowledge while lacks the basics.
    Christians in India is to believe we are in nursery in evangelisation process.
    Not ready to self criticism and evaluation, this has to change…

  2. Taking away the Good Friday and the Christmas etc from the holidays of India is an hidden strategy to hurt the Christians of India to test the waters to see, how the minority Christians can be demoralized through political power.

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