Men to wash wives’ feet this Holy Week

It will be held on March 28 at three places in Kerala

Kottayam: This Passion Week, men will wash their wives’ feet.

The Kerala Chapter of the Indian Christian Women’s Movement (ICWM), will organize their own washing the feet ceremony.

The movement comprising women of all Christian denominations will hold the ceremony on March 28, eve of Maundy Thursday, when it will be enacted in churches.

Kochurani Abraham, convener of the Kerala Chapter, says the program would be held at Navajeevan (new life) Trust, a center for poor mentally disturbed people, in Kottayam.

She says a few couples would participate in the ceremony.

They also plan to invite guest laborers for the ceremony. “They serve us in all areas now, whether in agriculture, construction, or factories,” Abraham said. “We have to show them that we respect them and serve them at least symbolically,” she added.

According to the woman theologian, the ritual would highlight the message of forgiveness, acceptance and mutual care outside the boundaries of the ritual worship of the Church.

The movement also plans to hold similar rituals at Abhaya Bhavan at Thiruvalla and Mercy Home in Kochi the same day, Abraham told The Hindu newspaper.

Last year, the movement drew attention by organizing washing the feet ceremony. They had washed the feet of 12 residents of Santhwanam (solace), a center for battered women and children under the banner Women’s Lives Matter.

The Christian ritual commemorates Jesus washing the feet of his disciples at the Last Supper. He asked his disciples to do what he had done for them. Traditionallypriests wash the feet of 12 baptized boys or men at the ceremony.

However, the ritual gained new meaning after Pope Francis included people from all walks of life in the ceremony. This change was made public through a document in 2016. However, the Syro-Malabar Church has taken the stance to stick to the tradition.

The women activists have welcomed Pope’s ‘inclusion liturgy’ and say the gesture would help correct the Church that has been “increasingly marginalizing women.”

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9 thoughts on “Men to wash wives’ feet this Holy Week

  1. Very much delighted to see such moves to really popularize the significance of the gesture which Jesus introduced in His Group, as a sign of love and service as well as a model of his own teaching that he who wants to be the leader among you must be the servant of all or the first should be the last.

  2. To show our humility, we must select many different kinds of people in the society like the working class.

    Here the washing of the wife’s feet is to display to the world that the husbands are not treating the wives like their slaves, but do love and respect them. This attitude must be displayed every day.

  3. Churches should select the working class, farmers, soldiers, labourers, the sick,etc in washing in parish churches not the opposit sex which produces natural hormone to produce lustfilled feelings in the liturgy….

  4. Washing the woman and kiss her all could have conducted in bed rooms… Why mingling it with sacramental acts.. On this most Holy Week of the catholic faith?
    With God’s grave Feminists have found right place for themselves in Navajeevan, mentally disturbed people’s house. It is the place all this radical woman will land up…at last… Playing with institution of the Eucharist, the symbolic act of Christ at last super…
    How to address this people
    I never understand washing of the other sex be connected in liturgical ritual, never read in catholic tradition expect some modern crack,,out of ignorance pronuned and continue to be in foully, As if the saints and theologians of the past were narrow minded, and these crazy ones as the most modern theologian. The woman theologian will know later in her foolish experiment, instead of forgiveness and acceptance etc.. It will be a big mess with profane lustily act leading to the fall of human dignity, against the will of the creator and the redeemer and the Holy Spirit. Please don’t conduct in holy church do it in one of the hall assigned for the mentally disturbed people….that will forgive the gravity of the blunder.

    Let the laity practice this humble virtues at their service field everyday… Where is synodal bishops and cbci etc? No body has moral standard to correct the aberrations in the church,,, every thing is right – is the rule. And..
    All are rulers is the law…

    1. In the opinion expressed by Thankapan vaidhyar women are looked upon as mere sex objects. All men don’t do that.

  5. go ahead
    congratulations for a powerful gesture
    that would result in an inclusive and
    new society
    as per the dream of jesus


  6. This is a good expression of service, humility and equality. It should be an external expression of one’s internal attitude.

    It is for this reason that I refuse to have my feet washed on Holy Thursday. If priests behave like bosses for 364 days in the year it is hypocrisy to wash the feet on one day. So I am not part of this empty ritual

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