New outfit formed after Syro-Malabar church land row

Kochi: The controversial land deal rocking the Archdiocese of Ernakulam-Angamaly has created a deep divide within the clergy and faithful alike.

As the dispute remains unsettled, representatives of the official laity organization and clergy who convened a meeting on March 12 formed a new outfit called Archdiocese Movement for Peace to find a solution.

The new organization was formed at a meeting held at the St Martin De Porres Church in Palarivattom.

Senior priests of the archdiocese and representatives of official laity organizations such as Kerala Catholic Youth Movement and Mission League were present.

“We want the archdiocese to be united. Archdiocese Movement for Peace is an umbrella organization comprising representatives of all official laity organizations. Nearly 50 priests have offered support and we expect more to join,” said Benny Antony, one of the conveners of the newly formed organization.

“What we could understand is nothing but personal grudge has led to the present issues. Though it could have been settled internally, a section of priests worsened the situation by taking it on to the streets. We are hopeful that the issues could be solved through discussions,” he said.

An organisation called the Archdiocese Movement for Transparency was set up earlier, which has called for action against Cardinal Mar George Alencherry for his alleged involvement in the controversial land deal.

The Ernakulam Central Police have registered a case in which Cardinal Alencherry has been cited as the first accused. Former finance officer of the Archdiocese of Ernakulam Fr Joshi Puthuva is the second accused. Fr Sebastian Vadakkumpadan and real estate broker Saju Varghese are the third and fourth accused, respectively.

(Source: The New Indian Express)

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2 thoughts on “New outfit formed after Syro-Malabar church land row

  1. We are ashamed to say that we are born and brought up in Syro-Malabar Rite to day. Such a shameful act of demonstrations on the roads. It has shaken and shattered the faith of authentic people in the church. How can the priest who brings division instead of peace stand tomorrow on the pulpits to break the Word and preach to the faithful on peace, love and brotherhood? It is time to think, reflect and change. The Syro-Malabar Catholic Community who claim to be old Christians who carry the key of faith compared to Latin Community have watered down their own claims to be the upper cast in faith.

  2. I think It is high time for the syromalabar church to develop real and practical policies based on canon law. So far it was a game of clerics mainly the bishops. Bishops literally have no time in adoration of the Eucharist and reading word of God. They are overburdened (by themselves) with signing business documents (land documents, social work projects, etc. and they enjoy to be called the prince of the world= satan)

    it is very clear, church officials pretend that no layman is fitting to this duties for the church. Actually priests are coming from families, the family members are mostly trying to keep morality to its optimum than the clerics now, it is clear. Canonically speaking, I think, bishops are not supposed to entangle with worldly affairs.
    Atleast now some bishops will turn back to chapel, and Jesus will guide them… For Jesus solving this problem is riddle because, the bishops and priests are not listening to Jesus rather they hear the media and people of their favour…
    Let us pray for the conversion of the bishops to become real Christian bishops ( a bishop should spend at least 3 hours in front of Eucharist and in reading word of God) and priests.

    It is heart breaking to see that CRI members are silently enjoying the fall of this church… They are huge in number, may be they are expecting for the next post of cardinal from them… (Which will never happen in the further, as syromalabar church don’t have religious life pattern, which is basically of western origin)
    They are developing a system in the church by caching the fish in the stumilated dirty water….
    In Kerala even Hindu leaders are publically speaking for their support in time of crisis in the syromalabar church… But not even a religious nun congregation nor men congregation may be because Alanchery could not give more support for the money making congregations in the fight provoked by laity in Kerala, for minimum vage for the nurses service.. And not supporting high donations in schools and collages run by the church…. Another thing media tell is religious fathers and nuns have privately circulating a culture that adultry is a natural physical need, even st.augustine was so. So the authorities (the cardinal) should not ask to dismiss the priests if caught… Use principle of mercy as Jesus did to the adulterous woman…. What shall we say…?
    Syromalabar church need layman to lead the church… They are morally sound than most of the “salt of the church” the religious….

    Syromalabar church was growing in high speed but this is a test period whether to go on high or stuck or bring down… Like the temptation of Jesus on the mount.

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