Protests against Tamil music maestro’s comments on Jesus

Chennai: Music maestro Ilayaraja sparked off a controversy by his comments on Jesus Christ during his recent visit to Google headquarters at Silicon Valley in the USA. While interacting with the staff, Ilayaraja allegedly said there was no evidence to prove Jesus Christ had resurrected.

Around 30 people, including women, staged protests in front of Ilayaraja’s house at T Nagar in Chennai on March 26 afternoon. However, police foiled the agitation by detaining the protesters.

“I regularly watch documentaries on Youtube. It is said that Jesus was not resurrected,” Ilayaraja was quoted as saying by reports. He further asserted that true resurrection happened only to one person, Ramana Maharishi.

“True resurrection has happened to only one person, Bhagvan Ramana Maharishi at the age of 16,” Ilayaraja reportedly said.

The protesters, belonged to the Christian community, alleged that their religious sentiments have been hurt by the musician’s words. However, police said they had neither obtained permission for protests nor did they organise the demonstration in places that have been allotted.



source: The Week

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7 thoughts on “Protests against Tamil music maestro’s comments on Jesus

  1. Ilayaraja claims Ramana Came to him, that’s why he spoke without the knowledge why he has to speak which was out of the context. And that’s itself a proof that Ramana is alive.

    Wow, what a rational thought! And a solid proof.

    Last 2000 years of intense theological and historical ongoing proof isn’t a proof itself.

    Yeah, I eat from Youtube and drink from a cow!

  2. Such claims are nothing new, and could best be ignored.

    Isn’t this the same person who just received a Padma award from the President of India?

  3. See —- it is you who say Ilayaraja was a Christian, who had now become a hindu!
    Doesn’t it say something!,! That is called “Disillusionment” with his beliefs, and he has gone seeking for the real truth!

  4. But then, is thee anything wrong in asking where is the evidence for the Resurrection of Ramana Mahirshi ? It is foolish to argue on any religious matters. Artists have social responsibilities too , and should not get in to contraversies.

  5. If my memory is correct, he was a Christian by birth but due to some personal reason or bitterness towards the Christians, he became a Hindu. He has shown his anti-Christian attitude through his talks repeatedly. While he was very young, he sung in a political party meeting where late E.M.S. Namboothiripad (First Communist Ministry CM in 1956 at Kerala and a few other times) from Kerala was the main speaker. Namboothiripazd blessed him. He thinks that his vocational success of life is due to that blessings; and so enjoy the fun of attacking JESUS CHRIST and HIS followers.

    His statement was deeply hurting to the Christians, 2.3 Christians of the world. But, they are not going to retaliate. How this joker got the revelation that JESUS CHRIST was not resurrected but Bhaghvan Ramana Marhaishi? Silicone valley has a few very rich Indian people who are acting totally anti-Christian in a predominantly Christian country reaping the big financial harvest.

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