Do not mix religion and politics: Vice President

Naidu was speaking at a civic reception organized in honor of Philipose Mar Chrysostom,

Thiruvalla: Indian Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on April 30 urged people to not mix religion and politics.

Naidu was speaking at a civic reception organized in honor of Philipose Mar Chrysostom, seniormost metropolitan of the Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church on his 101st birthday. The function in Thiruvalla also marked the diamond jubilee of the ordination of Reverend Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan.

The vice president suggested that religious leaders give spiritual guidance while politicians take inspiration from the country’s noble heritage to provide a clear polity.

“I hope these two strands — religion and politics- are not mixed up and religious leaders give spiritual guidance to every human being and political leaders take inspiration from our noble heritage to provide a clean polity,” Naidu said.

Religious shrines are places of devotion and potential sites of social and community education, he said, adding that if they stray from their path and dabble in politics and issue unwarranted divisive statements, they become dysfunctional.

Naidu also said it was time to nourish and re-discover a positive energy, a source of harmony, understanding, respect, a perennial fountainhead of the timeless values that India has stood for.

Lauding the contribution of Philipose Mar Chrysostom, Naidu said he showered his blessings with good humor and pleasant demeanor.

Chrysostom internalized the essence of Christianity and propagated its tenets through his words and actions, he added.

Naidu said the Mar Thoma Church, with deep roots in the history of Independent India, has always stood for freedom and justice and recalled its protest against the Emergency.

P J Kurian, Rajya Sabha deputy Chairman and state minister for water resources Mathew T Thomas were among those attended the function.

(Source: The Times of India)

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7 thoughts on “Do not mix religion and politics: Vice President

  1. There are no Christian nation anywhere. Once Christian, the Europe has rejected Christ hand Christianity. America too is not at all Christian. We do not want Christian nation, we want freedom to express our faith and to live our faith without interference. We want to live as equal citizens and not as second class or as guest Christians

    1. Does V.P. Venkiah Naidu have an ounce of integrity to speak at the birthday celebration that religion and politics shouldn’t be mixed, while his party is the total mixture of politics and religion?

  2. In my opinion Jesus is the founder of a secular polity when he said “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s”.

    What is Naidu preaching about not mixing religion and politics? His party the BJP is FOUNDED on religion.

    I also fail to understand what we gain by inviting such people for our functions. We are only giving them the legitimacy they crave. Last December too the CBCI had invited this person for its Christmas programme.

    1. Very true. What kind of a speech it was of V.P. Naidu at the CBCI? I almost had to wipe my tears hearing that sweet talk of his love towards the Christians. PM Modi was invited for the sainthood celebration of two people from Kerala at New Delhi. What kind of a sermon it was? Home Minister and the President were invited for such gathering, Advani to Kerala for the Marthoma and Orthodox functions. They all have the same sermon about the great contribution given by the Christians in healthcare, education and the social uplifting of the downtrodden Dalits.

      But these great speakers are ardently dedicated to wipe off the roots of Christianity from India at the earliest. Why the Marthoma Church didn’t get somebody else from Kerala to be the Chief Guest instead of the VP from New Delhi? It might be Sri. P. J. Kurian’s idea to please his boss. This Bishop who is 101 years old is known to all and respected by all religious people in Kerala. The Nair Service Society General Secretary or the mega movie star Mammooty could have been far better choice as the Chief Guest. They love the Christians. The politicians are now ruling the Church world from outside, and the believers are mere onlookers without any voice.

  3. The irony is that the author not only belonged but headed a political party that mixes religion, and governs the country today with so much contradictions.I wish that someone send a true copy of the vice-president’s speech to the Prime Minister for his , if not for correctives for policy formulations. As long as there are consumers of this double talk among religious leaders for adorning their celebrations we have to “suffer the tyranny of politics” and the degradation of religions.

  4. There is no Christian nation anywhere. Venkaiah Naidu will preach all kinds of ideology that support a particular religion. If politics and religion should not be mixed, then the advice must be given to the ruling parties.First mixing started when non Hindu Dalits are made ineligible for any reservation / concession while such reservation/ concession are made available for Hindu Dalits. Later, Buddhist/ Sikh Dalits were considered as Hindus for the reservation / concessions leaving Muslims and Christians.—-though Buddhists and Sikh’s plead that they are not Hindus. What a fun, real fun of mixing.

  5. ” Hindutva” which is an extremely radicalized religious order is now ruling India; but the Vice President, an ardent RSS solider is telling to the religious leaders that politics and religion should not be mixed, thus the spiritual leaders must instruct the believers only the spiritual issues. What a philosopher?

    I pity the minority Christians of India for inviting these double actors who are totally anti-Christians. In 2015, V.P. Venkiah Naidu didn’t give space to anybody to talk, but was too fervent to have a national anti-conversion law and beef-ban. The anti-conversion law is totally the violation of the fundamental human rights as well as breaching the signature signed by India at the U.N. charter in 1949. Also, specifically targeting the Christians.

    He and his party can brainwash the Hindus to believe that India is the birthright of the Hindus; and the minorities, especially the main Muslims and Christians are outcasts.

    In Kannyakumari (M.P. Ponradhakrisn, BJP) in today’s news (4/30/2018) two Christian Pastors were forced inside an Hindu Temple by the Poojari to convert them to Hinduism. Mr. Vice President, is that separation of religion and politics? Your party can do anything as you like to harass the minority Christians, and the religious leaders should not say anything other than teaching them scriptures. Good joke.

    It is too urgent that the Christian leaders of India will have to talk loudly about their deteriorating religious freedom in India. How, since the BJP rulers took control of New Delhi, India began to climb to the worst status in the Christian persecution; thus the 11th ranking among the 50 Christian persecuting nations of the world? The U.S. “Religious Freedom Foundation” and the “World Watch Monitor” have solid proof of the highly declining religious freedom in India.

    If the Christian leaders are afraid and intimidated by the RSS rulers of India to keep total silence, then the RSS rulers won the game plan; and the GOD of the Christians is a dead GOD. The Christians of India will have to let the Christian nations know, what is going on in India. PM Modi has repeatedly visited the Christian nations for massive Foreign Direct Investment in India; but Modi and his comrades like to play a berating and tormenting game plan with the Christians of India.

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