Life miserable under NDA rule: CSI bishop

Dalits, minorities bear the brunt’

The Church of South India (CSI), the second largest Church in India with over 4.5 million members, has come out against the Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government at the Centre.

In an open letter on Friday, Bishop Thomas K. Oommen, moderator (head) of the Church, said the NDA government had “become a nightmare to the poor and the minorities in India.”

“The NDA government that follows the Hindutva supremacist ideology seems to have discounted what is stated in the preamble of our Constitution that declares liberty, equality, and fraternity as its ideals,” it says.

“The Church stands in solidarity with the Dalits fighting for justice and equality and agitating against the alleged dilution of the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989 and condemns all atrocities against the Dalits by the Hindutva extremist forces.” The NDA government has become “a danger to the very fabric of the greatest sovereign, socialist, secular and democratic republic,” he said.

“The government is changing school textbooks by inserting pseudo-scientific religious content, banning films, books, festivals of minorities etc., which, it claims, offend Hindu nationalist sentiments.”

“The communalist and fascist ideology of Hindutva promoted by the BJP casts a shadow over the constitutional secularism, leaving the religious minorities under threat. The Hindutva’s obsession for the cow has not only deprived the Dalits of a cheap source of protein, but also has severely affected the economy of lakhs of Dalits who are marginal farmers,” the letter says.

The Church head concludes his letter with a call to the people to “unite, irrespective of their religion, caste, class, creed, colour, language and gender, and shake the foundations of this new empire being built by the corporate-fascists, so that our nation remains a sovereign, socialist, secular and democratic republic.”

(The Hindu)

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6 thoughts on “Life miserable under NDA rule: CSI bishop

  1. I feel since there is widespread religious
    and caste persecutionn, it is just, fair and appropriate for a religious leader to speak out. Religious persecution is much more pernicious than political persecution.

    1. Very correct. ” Religious persecution is much more pernicious than political persecution “. Thus the religious leaders have all the GOD-given authority to speak on behalf of the believers.

  2. What the CSI head has stated is correct. However, I feel that such politically loaded statements should be left to lay leaders and organisations. Religious heads should avoid such direct comments.

  3. I think that the allegations levelled against the NDA government are far exaggerated. The condition of minorities is much better in India than that in many other countries. I have also observed that some religious leaders and lay persons all the time speak against the BJP/ RSS, displaying complete lack of sense of justice and tolerance. Dialogue, not confrontation, with BJP/RSS would be best solution to understand each other.

    1. Perhaps you are not aware of the attacks upon the minority Christians in India since the BJP came into power.

      I have spoken in a gathering of Christians at Sonapet, Haryana more than 12 years back. There was no attacks against the Christians in that area. I spoke with many of the converted believers from the Hindu faith, there were hundreds of them. They all came to the Christian faith through some personal miracles like healing-deliverance from demonic attacks etc.

      But, when the BJP came into power, one day the ant-Christian forces rounded the Pastor of Kerala origin to beat him. But the believers protected him. Now, the work was handed over to the local believers and he is now in Kerala working among the north Indian migrants landed in Kerala mainly for menial jobs.

      It was one of the most thrilling experience of my life to speak at the largest Bible College in India in north India where students spoke over 40 native languages; which was started by a converted Hindu Lawyer from Killimanoor, Kerala. He came to the Christian faith through a miracle in healing from a life and death situation. He took me around the campus that Sunday, and I saw dozens of boy taking bath laughing. Those boys were the wandering children, also the children of the prisoners delivered by the local police. These discarded children were fed with basic food, taught them in school-taught them from the Bible and a new life was given to them. The Government sent their agents to this well known institution with the new instruction to teach the children Hinduism too for certain days. My friend declined that forceful proposal, thus that charity work among the discarded people is closed now.

      Do you know the number of NGOs, mainly the Christian’s in India lost their funding through the blocking by the Modi regime? The reason based on the statement of Arun Jaitly was ” conversion is taking place”. One well known Organization was ” Compassion International”. They spent $ 50 million/year in India, the largest amount from that Organization out of their $ 300 million budget, which took care of more than 15000 meals/day of the unwanted young and old of India. Such ruthless and heartless actions by the current Government, how it can be justified?

      Compassion International appeared in front of the Foreign Relation Committee chaired by Senator Bob Corker from Chattanooga, Tennessee to hear the allegations against the Government of India. Even though he is a very rich man, he went to Haiti when that country was hit a terrible earthquake to serve them for weeks. All the members of the committee were deeply shocked and wounded by this ruthless action undertaken by the Government of India. This was a well planned action against the Christians and Christian ministries of India.

      The Pastor of a Church in the New Delhi slum where I have spoken, called me to tell that when the BJP came into power, the RSS street goons came to their Church on one Sunday and asked them to stop the service. They stopped the service. They had to find some closed coffee shop on Sunday for worship. Ever since the AAP came into power, there was not any such attack from the street goons.

      One missionary close to Raipur told me that the Christian ministry is under challenge there. The police called some of the new believers to the station and gave the warning that they can’t have prayer meetings in their homes, they must have a Church building to worship. How the poor believers can have a Church building?

      These attacks were not in the media anywhere. Such hundreds of attacks have been taken place all across India since the BJP came into power? The allegations are not exaggerated but an open truth.

      Three years back my friend from Kerala told me that while for his friend’s daughter’s marriage, when a bull was killed and preparing the meal, the RSS soldiers went to the spot and poured kerosene upon the meat. That person had to find some other source to have the meat on time. When the north Indian believers of the ” Believer’s Church” came to Kerala holding the Bible, the RSS soldiers questioned them at the Trivandrum Railway station, and relayed the message to their comrades 40 miles away, the RSS people troubled them. Then the local police had to interfere with the issue.

      Can you rationalize these actions to be logical in a democratic country? The current RSS/BJP Government of India exclusively dictated by two hard core RSS pracharakas, Modi-Amith Shaw is totally and fully anti-Christian.

  4. Glad that the Churches are now speaking openly about the national tragedy befallen upon India which has terribly fragmented the society and led the nation into serious economic crisis.

    The Christians of India will have to pray very earnestly for divine intervention to eradicate this deadly virus of destruction upon India. Else, the nation will be ending up in total anarchy like in Somalia.

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