One dies in firecracker accident in Kerala church

Kerala has witnessed several fireworks accidents that killed hundreds.

By Matters India Reporter

Angamaly: One youth was killed and four others were wounded on April 15 in a firework accident during a church festival in Kerala, southern India.

The accident occurred around 8:30 pm when someone lit firecrackers kept on the road during the church procession. One firecracker fell on a godown that had stored firecrackers for the feast of a wayside chapel in Assisi Nagar, Karukutty, near Angamaly, a town some 40 km north of Kochi, Kerala’s commercial capital.

Simon Mullaparampil, 21, died on the spot when the fire in the godown led to a huge explosion.

Four others received severe burn injuries. Two of them—Meljo Paulose and Stefin Jose — were admitted to the local Little Flower Hospital. The other two – Justine James and Joel Biju –were admitted to a private hospital in Kochi.

Officials said that a bunch of fire crackers stored near the chapel caught fire leading to the explosion.

Fire officials said that the group of youths seems to have been inside the storeroom which was about 50 meters away from the chapel when the incident happened.

The Fire brigade and police personnel were immediately alerted and they rushed to the spot.

The fire was already doused with water by the locals even before the fire brigade reached the spot. Officers said that a few others have also sustained injuries in the blast.

Churches in Kerala continue to use fireworks during feasts defying directives from the hierarchy.

In 2016, Cardinal George Alencherry, head of the Syro-Malabar Church, slammed the practice of churches going in for noisy and pompous feast celebrations and appealed to the faithful to put curbs on fireworks, trade and cooking meals in church premises and turn feasts into occasions of simplicity and devotion.

The cardinal wanted the faithful to give a makeover to traditional festivals. He noted that people could not pray in peace and tranquility amid firecrackers and loudspeaker announcements during festival days.

“In an atmosphere of fireworks, band sets and mike announcements, people are unable to pray peacefully, communicate and grow in fellowship. Churches are arranging band sets, fireworks and mike announcements and colorful electric illumination to attract more people to the feast celebration. The increase and intensity of these things destroy the intention of feast celebrations. It seems the organizers are keen to increase the offerings or income from the feast celebration every year. The increase in offerings/ income seems to be the measure to determine the success of the feast,” the cardinal stated.

Kerala has witnessed several fireworks accidents that killed hundreds.

The deadliest was on April 10, 2016, at Paravur Puttingal Devi temple in Kollam that killed more than 100 people. As many as 68 people were killed in a fire accident in 1952 at Sabarimala, Kerala’s most popular Hindu shrine.

So far, more than 400 firework mishaps that claimed many lives have been reported from the southern Indian stat.

In 2006, 24 persons were killed in as many mishaps. A total of 42 persons were killed in 38 mishaps in 2007, 49 persons in 2008, 57 persons in 2009, 66 persons in 2010 and 58 persons in 2011.

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3 thoughts on “One dies in firecracker accident in Kerala church

  1. The Catholics have no loyalty to Christ and that is why they show All extravaganza. Jesus Christ did not lead a luxurious life, he had nowhere to lay his head. But Catholics do not believe in Christ’s simplicity and indulge in all “Adipoli” .Who can change them.Oh God, NONE.

    1. Dear Friend: Simply watch the luxury lifestyle of the religious hierarchy. Bishop’s palace, in Malayalam ” Aramana”. Kings live in the Aramana. What kind of residence JESUS and the disciples had? What kind of chariot JESUS had? But now Benz-Audi-BMW ride with custom plates at the front. How many of the Bishops will allow an ordinary or poor believer to ride in the Bishop’s car? My JESUS ate at the leper’s home. JESUS and HIS disciples raised the dead and healed the sick. The crowd began to follow them because they found the living and life changing message through them. Now, how many healing? What a total contradiction?

      My personal friend late Dr. P. P. Job shared with me his story which he has not shared with many. He was an hardcore Marthomite. He was born very poor, due to hunger he has vomited blood, but he started preaching JESUS at the streets, GOD honored him greatly and had been to over 120 countries of the world as the main person with Richard Wumbrand (His book Tortured for Christ). When the Bishop went to visit the his congregation, the rich family where the Bishop and the Priest had the lunch invited Bro. Job to come with them. After helping the Priest and the Bishop in the Church service, when he approached the car to ride with the Bishop, even though the Priest wanted to give him a ride, the Bishop didn’t allow. Job had to walk three miles to reach the home for a good meal; ate after the religious leaders finished with. Later on, he was married to a Medical Doctor, settled in New Delhi. The Bishops while visiting New Delhi, his home was the place for residence. At the first visit to his home in New Delhi, while the Bishop was going to eat the ice creme, P.P. Job reminded the Bishop whether he remembers him explaining the event. The Bishop went to the bed room, Job thought that Bishop had an heart attack. Surprisingly, this Bishop was a simple dressed small person with good character, also my father in-law’s first cousin. This is the typical world of the religious hierarchy.

      Until the laymen like you started talking reality to the believers, these antiquated man-made traditions of royal luxury will not be changed; and the hierarchy loves to keep them all intact due to their inborn nature of selfishness and priority for personal pleasure substituting for their missed married life.

      I do remember while Alexandar Parampithara was the Speaker of the Kerala Assembly, he questioned the rotten hierarchy reign of luxury while the poor believers are suffering agony and hunger.

  2. In the local Mosque, they used to have fire works, but later on the Muslims stopped that.

    Fire works, is it part of the worship in the holy scriptures? It is an entertainment, but wasting money for mere entertainment while the people are suffering with financial problems to eat, what kind of a cruel worship is this?

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