Parliamentarian finds Christian missionaries threat to country’s unity

Ballia: Christian missionaries are a threat to the unity and integrity of India, says a parliamentarian belonging to the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party.

“Christian missionaries control the Congress. Sonia Gandhi, the mother of Congress president Rahul Gandhi works on the directions of these missionaries. These missionaries are a threat for the unity of the country,” Bharat Singh, who represents Ballia constituency in the Lok Sabha, told reporters on April 21.

Singh also alleged that the democracy in the northeastern Indian states has “weakened” due to “conversion of people there into Christianity.”

“The North-East is under the influence of Christian missionaries. The conspiracies hatched by these missionaries are threat for the country,” the 69-year-old parliamentarian alleged.

The parliamentarian had also alleged recently that the Christian missionaries were behind the vandalization of the statues of the Dalit icon and key architect of the Indian Constitution, Bhim Rao Ambedkar.


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5 thoughts on “Parliamentarian finds Christian missionaries threat to country’s unity

  1. Until resurrection Jesus told his clients not tell anybody about himself- the greatness of the son of God and his redemption works…
    But after resurrection I think Jesus tells openly… Baptise everyone, because he says he has the power for it (power over life and death..). No body has capacity to stand against evangelization in the name of risen Christ, expect his missionaries and clerics (fathers and religious nuns-brothers-fathers).
    The biggest block of evangelisation is bishops, it’s conferences, CRI like corporate associations approved within the church, the priests and nuns… If they are removed for 5 years from the main stream… to convert all Indians will take only may be five years…easily and much happily… Indians are crying in their heart for Jesus.. But yet they could not see Jesus in school runing (the main thrust of them is only money) church. The above said group in India is explicitly adulterous now…

  2. Slowing down the missionary work is equal to treat to national unity. India need to become a Christian country soon, it is God’s plan. Unfortunate that Our missionaries are engaged in practising yoga, and promoting other philosophies and theories which was prevelent before the good news of Jesus was preached….
    Our priests are taught and they make to survive Indian philosophy, Greek philosophy, and many other dark areas which practical people rejected long back…
    Priests and missionaries are to be taught what the Talmud and bible philosophy is… The good news of Jesus. Jesus is alive, he is the only redeemer of mankind, Without killing the Vedic traditions and various cultures Christianity need to genuinely grow in India (our missionaries equipped with artificial tools, which produce hate, fear, domination, pride, and all the wrong side of evangelisation process) Indians had not yet preached Christianity properly yet, except some like st.thomas, Francis Xavier, and few saintly missionaries like mother Theresa etc. Most of the genuine missionaries were from outside India
    Present missionary work is a dead work it really divid the nation and miss use the baptised Christians in long run. The Revival of true mission spirit is an regent need in India… Don’t be led by fear…

    1. Indeed, you are giving an open challenge for the Christians of India to take the cross and follow Christ. Indian Christianity was totally sidetracked through embracing certain percentage of paganism to console the tradition lovers; thus it was turned as a an excursion march or picnic fun for the Churches. JESUS CHRIST became an outsider in the Church worships.

      Now the Churches of India are fully challenged to stand up looking to the cross, and to look to the eyes of the Lord JESUS who is the author and finisher of our faith.

      The persecution of the Church in India is noticed around the world. Among the 50 nations of the world where the Christians are persecuted in different force, India under the acha din regime of Modi deity has gone upward to the 11th rank from a bottom level under the present Government. Apparently, more attacks will be coming over the minority Christian population of India; but the Church will grow through persecution. That is history and GOD’s promise.

  3. Intentionally and falsely maligning a community (missionaries) with such slanderous allegations and propaganda must be stopped. This is part of the Sanghi strategy to allow fringe elements to spew venom against minorities and keep on repeating the same lies over and over till a lie told a thousand times is perceived to be the truth giving license to justify “mob fury”. This is in deed Goebbelian and demonic!
    This needs to stopped and may be taken to courts.

  4. If this demon possessed person is not charged with the crime of ” treason” many others will deliver such hateful statements and the street goons will start lynching and killing the innocent and defenseless Christians in the minute minority States of India.

    Does Modi will correct him? No, he will keep quite. But, he will be so delighted to travel to the Christian majority nations for his tourism pleasure.

    16% of the Hindus are living abroad, and a great percentage of them are in the Christian nations. 95% of them are minding their own business-working hard and contributing to their adopted countries economically and worshiping without fear of attacks. I am not talking about the Hindus, but the blind brainless followers of Hindutva like this cunning crook, who are trying to destroy India now.

    In Canada 1.5%, in New Zealand 2% and in the U.S. 0.7% are Hindus. In India, her 3% Christians living in there with the root of 2000 years are now targeted for attacks by the RSS rulers of India. Any Christian politician or laymen supporting this ” Hindutva” rule of India must be excommunicated from the Christian community without any mercy. How tragic and foolish it was, Nagaland electorate voted for an anti-Christian Government with a Christian majority of 90%?

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