A drop in the ocean crying for mercy

By Maria Suguna

Yes, that’s what I am – a drop in the ocean of multitude protesting against heinous criminals and seeking justice for their victims. I am a little unconventional. While my friends seek justice in the human court, I seek mercy in the court of the Supreme Being.

I saw in the social media these words: “Neither her God, nor our God heard her.” Yes of course, neither my God nor your God will hear her, but the Superior Being, who is God for all, must have heard her and will definitely seek out vengeance. I am terrified of that vengeance.

Their plight will be far worse than what they inflicted on that innocent little girl of Kathua. I wish, hope and pray with a trembling heart that God’s wrath does not go to their offspring, generations to come. I wouldn’t wish punishment for even the children or grandchildren of these people, who are nothing but cannibals.

The pain was constant and horrifying for Nirbhaya, the Kathua girl, or others from the unending list of rape victims. Their perpetrators seldom think of their religion before committing such heinous crimes. Unfortunately the so-called political leaders try to find religious conspiracy in them.

The National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) lists rape as the fourth common crime against women in India. The Human Rights Watch estimates that more than 7,200 minors are raped each year. The Bureau of Justice statistics show 1.6 percent children between the age group of 12 and 17 are victims of rape or sexual harassment every year, which is quite alarming.

We witness sporadic cases of rape of minors — the Kathua girl’s case being the most outrageous and scandalous of all. It was committed inside a temple before the deity.

Rape is a life changing event. It leaves in victims painful and horrifying emotions such as terror, shock, unbearable pain, and overwhelming helplessness. These powerful sentiments just do not go away. Instead they affect every area of our lives.

I, as a drop in the ocean of humanity, take responsibility for this barbaric act. I fear that in some way or the other I have contributed to this inhuman crime. Therefore, I, on bent knees, seek mercy from the Divine besides justice from the human court.

The fact that the cannibalism at Kathua took place In the name of religion is something that no decently religious person can digest. I like a leaf caught in a dark whirlpool, grope earnestly for humanness in my fellow beings. This barbaric act has demoralized me and my trust in humanity.

The protesters are mostly the minorities and weaker sections. What about my other brethren? Why are they not out in the streets to support the cause of a little girl? Has their religiosity killed the innate motherliness and fatherliness in them?

When will India go beyond this tit for tat vengeance? When will this wall of vengeance that divides us break down? When will we stop seeing things with a jaundiced eye? I wait for the dawn that brings light and humanity back to us. Until then, I as a ‘Drop in the Ocean’ will continue to pray earnestly for mercy

We are fighting in the name of religion but foundation of all religion is peace and humanity. In the battle we forget basic rules and fight for our personal motives. We are indulging so deeply in matters that have consequences for our daughters and sisters. They could be also victims someday.

The supreme power is God, who created humans. We divided ourselves the name of religion.

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