Abandoning wives abroad: Five Indians’ passports revoked

The Ministry of External Affairs has agreed to a proposal to take stringent action in NRI matrimonial dispute cases.

New Delhi: The Indian government, for the first time, has revoked passports of five Non-Resident Indians on the charges of abandoning their wives shortly after marriage or following disputes abroad.

The development comes after the Ministry of External Affairs agreed to a proposal by the Union Women and Child Development Ministry to take stringent action in NRI matrimonial dispute cases.

In the last week of May, the law ministry also accepted a proposed by the WCD ministry to issue summons through MEA website in such cases, after first rejecting it on the legal grounds.

“This is a crucial step the government has taken to curb this fast-growing menace as we are abandoned with complaints where brides are dumped by NRI grooms post weddings,” a senior WCD ministry official said.

The revoking of passports will force NRI grooms to return to India and face the trial as they had been evading arrests by not responding to summons despite non-bailable warrants issued against them, the official said.

The step has been taken in cases where look-out circulars were earlier issued last month as part of a standard operating procedure.

The government has been receiving complaints of frauds, abandonment, domestic violence, extra-marital relationships, ex-parte divorce, being duped of money after promising marriage, forceful or illegal retention of children’s custody, non-payment of maintenance among other complaints.

A large number of NRI matrimonial dispute cases remain pending on account of non-appearance of the perpetrator jeopardizing women and children’s future, a ministry official said.

An Integrated Nodal Agency was constituted under the chairpersonship of secretary, WCD ministry to work on the issues related to NRI Matrimonial Dispute. It has proposed measures such a attaching the property of wife deserters and their families in India to discourage such practices.

Independent surveys by some NGOs indicate that there are thousands of such women in states like Punjab, Gujarat, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala who have been deserted by their husbands. In many cases these women and their families also accuse the men and their kin of charging hefty dowry and then duping them.

Source: The New Indian Express

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1 thought on “Abandoning wives abroad: Five Indians’ passports revoked

  1. Good initiative to correct unruly husbands. However, passports should not be revoked merely on a complaint from the wife. The husband’s side of the story should be heard by the competent authority. It is not that all the time men are in the wrong. Many times, brides are also in the fault and taking advantage of the new provision, they may harass their husbands. Men too need protection from arrogant and bad wives.

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