After desecration, Goa church body questions police claim

Panaji: In the wake of the desecration of a holy cross in a South Goa village, a Goa Church body on Thursday questioned police claims of solving cases of earlier desecrations reported from the coastal state.

The Council for Social Justice and Peace, a social arm of the Goa Church, also said that these desecrations followed a definite pattern so as to instill fear and provoke negative feelings among “certain communities”.

“Civil society groups prepared a fact-finding report that suggested such desecrations appeared to be the handiwork of a highly organised gang… Now that desecrations have resurfaced, the CSJP demands proper and thorough independent investigation by the state government in all such cases in Goa,” Council’s Executive Secretary Fr. Savio Fernandes said in a statement.

On Wednesday, a cross was found desecrated at Raia village, after which police filed a case against unknown persons.

“The CSJP is deeply perturbed by another desecration of Christian religious symbol. The usual bias and knee-jerk reaction of the police in jumping to a conclusion and arrest of some migrant labourers living in vicinity offers no consolation to the Christian community,” he added.

Last year, Goa Police claimed to have cracked a series of desecrations with the arrest of taxi driver Francis Pereira, who was accused of defiling over 60 crosses and two Hindu idols across Goa. Pereira is out on bail.

A fact-finding team, including Council members, had claimed that Pereira’s arrest was a “mere eyewash”.

(business Standard)

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3 thoughts on “After desecration, Goa church body questions police claim

  1. The ” tail of the dog cannot be straightened by keeping it in a pipe even for longer time.” Similarly the agenda of the safron party will never change. They will implement plans and policies as per the directions received from time to time from RSS headquarters in Nagpur. After swearing in almost every minister has gone to RSS head to take instrucions from there what to do and how to do and rule the portfolio given to him or her.

    Unfortunately some persons from main minority communities aremade ministers only to give a colour of secularism in the eye of the poor and illiterate as well as the world. The constitution of India is dust filled in the Indian Executive Machinery and in the parliament and RSS policies and principles rule the nation, the Judiciary, Legislature, Executive, Even Media and strong RSS workers become Presidents, Governors, Chief Ministers, Ministers etc.

    The nation cannot expect anything more from the present regime. Hence the atack on persons and places of worship of minorities will go on. Kudos to South Kanara Catholics and christians for not voting in the just concluded election in Karnataka and paving the way for a total sweep by the safron party. One should open the eyes to see what is happening and sensitive to such issues.

  2. Prime Minister Modiji and Party president Shahji may be asked to see one of these places and the result of vandalism

  3. The desecration actions of he cross or any other scared objects inside the Church are indirect attacks upon the Christians of India. That is a psychological manipulations to measure the response level of the Christians. If the Christians are acting slothful, then more ferocious attacks towards the Church buildings and praying people will continue.

    Now it is an open truth that the anti-Christian RSS rulers are in an outright attack preparation of the Christian Churches of India. If the Christians are adopting a pacifist attitude of silence, that will be a suicidal action.

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