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Delhi archdiocese to launch prayer campaign for nation 

By Jose Kavi

New Delhi: The Archdiocese of Delhi will launch a prayer and fast campaign for India and its leaders as the country gets closer to general elections.

“We are witnessing a turbulent political atmosphere which poses a threat to the democratic principles enshrined in our Constitution and the secular fabric of our nation,” says a letter from Archbishop Anil Couto of Delhi addressed to all parish priests and religious institutions in the archdiocese.

The letter dated May 8 is to be read during Masses throughout the archdiocese on Sunday, May 13.

Archbishop Couto says praying for the country and it political leaders all the time has been a “hallowed practice” of the archdiocese. It is all the more necessary “when we approach the General Elections,” the prelate adds.

The current coalition government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi of the Bharatiya Janata Party will complete its five-year term in May 2019.

“As we look forward towards 2019 when we will have a new government let us begin a prayer campaign for our country from May 13, the anniversary of the Apparition of the Blessed Mother,” the archbishop appeals to his people. He wants them to consecrate themselves and the country to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The campaign comprises observing a day fast and conducting an hour of adoration on every Friday for a year. The letter urges the faithful to forgo one meal on Fridays and offer penance and sacrifices for “our spiritual renewal and that of our nation.”

The archbishop has also prepared a prayer for the nation to be recited during the adoration.

The prayer seeks God’s grace to always uphold in highest esteem “the dreams of our founding fathers and the values of our Constitution – equality, liberty and fraternity.”

It wants people all castes and creeds, all denominations and persuasions to live in harmony and peace steering away from hatred and violence.

“Protect our legislatures as places of discerning minds. Raise our judiciary as the hallmark of integrity, prudence and justice. Keep our print, visual and social media as the channels of truth for edifying discourse. Protect our institutions from the infiltration of the evil forces.”

The prayer also seeks livelihood for the poor and empowerment of dalit, tribal and marginalized communities to enter mainstream nation building.

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11 Responses to Delhi archdiocese to launch prayer campaign for nation

  1. Thankapan vaidhyar

    It is the time of test, of our fieldity to demands of our relation with Jesus. The temptation is to run away from this social situation by denyinying What was said ( as of st.peter in the beginning… Qua dos) … Temptation to compromise the with values as if it is prudence and common sense…
    I think martyers of the church were not people without prudence and common sense… It is good time to conduct seminars/conventions on martyers of the church and their supernatural vision… May the risen Lord guide the archbishop to fight for mission entrusted to him… Ignore the nightmare may come on the way ahead…. But risen Lord will help to reach the final end in high success. This is the time bishops has to work together, pray together, fast together. Jesus permits struggle as Rom 5: 3-5.. Listen to family men of carismatic leaders, they will be great use


    one of the teachings of Jesus was to stand for peace and harmony in the society. Archbishop in his letter wanted the Christians, in the archdiocese of Delhi, to pray for the nation so that there would be an integral growth of the people through good governance.It is a call for all people to trust in God and ask His blessings on everyone. India is a secular state and basically Indians are “religious” in nature. There is a need to invoke blessings of God so that the nation enjoys the Divine protection and care from all dangers and divisions.
    There should not be any kind of wrong interpretations given to his call for prayer. Those who are thinking against it are to introspect and understand that Christians never go against the national security and integrity. May God continue to bless India.

  3. George Nedumparambil

    Very well said.

  4. Monica

    In a democracy, every citizen is free to express his or her opinion, especially on matters concerning general public. Also, actions of public figures, social workers, leaders etc are subject to scrutiny. Against this background, every commentator, inspired by Jesus, writes his or her comments on public issues in Matters India. It is unfair to call the commentators as ‘devil worshippers’, when their comments are not supportive of hierarchy. With the same logic, the commentators who always praise the hierarchy blindly can be called ‘sycophants’ and ‘cassock clingers’. The contents in the comments can be criticised, assailed but calling names to the commentators should be avoided.

  5. A. S. Mathew

    It is very urgent that the Christians and non-Christians of the nation pray because under the current administration, the nation is deviating into very serious social and economic problems.

  6. Achachan

    Some say bishop is wrong. Some say prayer is politics. Prayer is conversation with God and is considered good and important by believers of Christ. Every believer in religion, democracy,secularism knows that the path followed by the rulers is not wholly right. Love and not hatred and divisiveness that we need. If we take things in that spirit, can we not ask God to do His Will?

  7. Thankapan vaidhyar

    It is a good step by the shaperds Please Don’t withdraw from devil worshipper’s comments… I believe church in India started straighten it’s way… Bishops started to do their work as shepards. It is a good news for the Catholic faith followers. I thought after Archbishop Alan de lastic, in Delhi there was no Archbishops. Good, courageous movement in the church…

  8. Achachan

    Some people think that prayer also is politics. According to some a prayer by 2:5 percent people to Mary may not be effective as 97:5 percent do not believe in Mary. So prayer is the tool of the weak. Can prayer be useful at all when politicians and politics are involved? Amit Shaw and Sidaramaiah pray. On whose side the god will be ?

  9. marianivas

    Divine logic is greater than human logic and wisdom. What we need to think now is not about our religion or politics as a citizen of the country what is my role and contribution and make right choices that make everyone to enjoy their rights and live freely in peace and harmony.

  10. Vincent

    The Archbishop speaks more like a political leader than a religious one. It would be advisable that he stands for election and try to work for the nation through politics.

  11. purushottam

    Prayer is a powerful weapon to fight against evil forces