Guwahati schools to launch child online safety campaigns

Children now spend a lot of time on Internet

Guwahati: Some schools in Guwahati, Assam, plan to educate their children on child online safety measures.

The campaign titled ‘Stay Safe Programme’ aims to promote a culture of digital citizenship among children, youth, teachers and care-givers.

For this, they plan to collaborate with Learning Links Foundation and Facebook India.

The organizers say such programs are necessary as children now spend a lot of time on Internet and other digital activities. These will have profound impact on their social, emotional, physical safety and development.

The ‘Stay Safe Programme’ was conducted recently with the students of Gopal Boro HS School. The training was conducted by Karishma Sharma, consultant of Learning Links Foundation.

The foundation that strives to educate and empower the future generation has taken up the responsibility of promoting a culture of digital citizenship and online safety. It would do this by educating, empowering and engaging the children, youth, teachers and care givers.

A large number of students participated in the workshop.

According to Monuwara Begum, teacher of Gopal Boro HS School, the program seemed highly beneficial for the students.

The trainer makes the students aware of online security and thus imparted the knowledge of staying safe online.

Facebook India has set a target of imparting lessons in internet safety to more than 4,000 school children from grades seven to 12 in Guwahati by May end. It reached 1,300 students across Assam in April.


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