Pastor beheaded, vehicle torched in Jharkhand

Maoists are suspected to be behind the murder

By Matters India Reporter

Ranchi: A Pentecostal pastor was killed by some unidentified people in the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand.

Persecution Relief, an organization monitoring attacks on Christians in India, reported May 2 that Pastor Abraham Topno, was allegedly murdered by religious fundamentalists the previous night. The pastor had served the “Fellowship Church,” a Pentecostal group.

However, Nuas Munda, a senior pastor working in Ranchi, told Matters India that the family members suspected Maoists behind the murder.

The outlaws suspected Pastor Topno was a police informer and had warned him in the past. However, he or his family did not take the warning seriously as he had never been a police informer as the rebels suspected, said Pastor Munda, 58.

On May 1 night, more than 25 rebels waylaid Pastor Topno’s four wheeler as he was on his way back from a local market and forcefully took him away to a nearby dam close to his house at village Kubasal in Ranchi district.

“There they cut his throat and killed him. The body has been taken to Ranchi for autopsy,” Munda said and added, “We plan to bury him if we get the body back before the sunset.”

Ranchi is the state capital.

The attackers let go driver Ranga Singh Munda, after capturing Pastor Topno and torching the vehicle.

“Pastor Topno was a very well-known Christian in the community,” Shibu Thomas of Persecution Relief stated quoting Aman Christo, the pastor’s nephew, and another local pastor Nuas Mundu.

Pastor Topno is survived by his wife. As they have no children, the couple had adopted Christo.

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4 thoughts on “Pastor beheaded, vehicle torched in Jharkhand

  1. So sad and may his soul rest in Peace with God in heaven. I wish Maoists or any organizations killing, torching the church, etc may stop in India.

  2. When an archbishop dies in his sleep Matters India is flooded with condolences. But when a pastor is brutally murdered, possibly for his faith, it elicits just one response! Our faith seems skin deep.

  3. In Jharkhand, the 6th State where the anti-conversion laws was enacted by the fast signature of the Indian President, attacks against the Christian were increased rapidly.

    My friend who is a missionary in Jharkhand said that now the State police is harassing the home prayers of the believers.

    Most of these converts are due to some healing or deliverance from evil spirit. But they have been targeted by the BJP rulers to persecute.

    Another martyr for JESUS CHRIST. Heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family. Many souls will come to CHRIST due to his death.

    1. Dear A.S. Mathew, There is a saying that when America sneezes rest of the world catches a cold. I think it is working in the opposite direction with you. You seem to be waiting to hear some bad news from India when in the US there are plenty of worse things happening routinely. You are probably under the mistaken impression that your persistent diatribe on Modi/BJP/RSS/VHP is helping us resident Indians. You might wish to consider the possibility that the opposite outcome is entirely possible. I am reminded of a story which has done its rounds in the social media and turns up occasionally. There was this hunter who went into the jungle and every time he fired he missed the target. Every time he missed the target, there was this bird that used to giggle mockingly at the hunter. It happened a number of times. Finally the hunter has had enough so that soon as he heard the mocking giggle the hunter turned back and fired at the bird. Lo and behold, this time he did not miss the target. Fortunately for you, you are sitting far away in the US and it us resident Indians, who have nowhere to go, that would be taking the bullets for the giggles originating from far afar. You may wish therefore to reconsider continuing with the bashing on a particular party and group in India as such actions have the potential to place us in harm’s way. We are not as strong as group like the Hispanics or Blacks in the USA. We just cannot afford a communal confrontation. Please leave it to us resident Indians to take care of our problems. Thank you Sir for your consideration and understanding.

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