Scrap ties with Vatican, close nunciature: Subramanian Swamy

By Matters India Reporter

Mumbai: Subramanian Swamy of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to end India’s relations with the Vatican and close the apostolic nunciature in New Delhi.

Swamy, a member of the Rajya Sabha, the upper house in parliament, on May 23 criticized a letter Archbishop Anil Couto of Delhi wrote to the Catholics of his archdiocese urging them to pray and fast for the nation.

Swamy used Twitter to urge Modi to direct the Ministry of External Affairs to cease all diplomatic relations with the Vatican and seal the Vatican embassy in New Delhi’s Chanakyapuri area as the Delhi archbishop is “a formal nominee of the Vatican.”

Archbishop Couto’s May 8 letter spoke of a “turbulent political atmosphere” in the country that threatens the democratic principles enshrined in its Constitution and “the secular fabric of our nation.”

The archbishop urged all parishes and religious institutions in his archdiocese to skip a meal and conduct hour-long Eucharistic adoration on Fridays for the spiritual renewal of the nation that is scheduled to elect a new government before May 2019.

Several television channels and pro-Hindu leaders lambasted the archbishop for interfering in the country’s politics.

BJP president Amit Shah on May 22 said that nobody should galvanize support on the basis of religion. “I personally believe that no one should say things like this. For a religious person to make such comments cannot be accepted and appreciated,” he added.

However, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has backed the archbishop and his letter, saying: “We respect all communities, castes, and archbishops across the country, including that of Kolkata. I think whatever they said, they correctly said. It’s a fact.”

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5 thoughts on “Scrap ties with Vatican, close nunciature: Subramanian Swamy

  1. Don’t think the politicians have more patriotism than you and me. They love to misuse their power to favour them and their cronies. It is not that we give any opportunity to do wrong things,but their eagerness to harm others. Subramaniam Swamy a Maverick a long time critique of B J P reentered in the hope of getting some position. It seems Modi and Shah know his opportunism and so are very cautious. He is an enemy of all who are not Hindus. He does not care those , whether they are atheists or non believers in his philosophy. A narrow minded scholar stated to be of Harvard

  2. The Archbishop is absolutely Right in calling the faithful to Prayer
    Nineveh was saved because of Prayer & Fasting
    God bless him God bless our homeland & all all her people

  3. Has the Delhi Archbishop’s letter provided an opportunity for the government to intervene and pave the way for ‘Swadeshi Church’, similar to that of China? Only the time will tell.

  4. Even with the appeal of the Catholic Bishops of India, Modi showed no interest to invite Pope Francis officially to visit India. Modi loves to travel to the Christian countries but deeply hates the Christians of India. But the neighboring Buddhist and Muslim countries were very happy to welcome him to visit.

    The attacks against the Christians and the Churches have rapidly increased under the current Anti-Christian Government. But the BJP/RSS leaders wanted the persecuted Christian community to keep silent and invite these anti-Christian politicians to invite them for the Christian functions.

    Subramanian Swami is a mentally disoriented person. He was anticipating some Cabinet job with the current Government; but the Gujarathi Imperialism exclusively operated by Modi-Amith Shaw ignored him completely. Before the election, Swami predicted that the U.S. $ 1 will be Rs. 35. What happened to his economic prediction?

    Let Modi close the relation with Vatican and close apostolic nunciature at New Delhi, and see the international reaction. There is an old saying ” fools rush to enter where angels fear to look”. Swami belongs to that category. The Catholic Bishop doesn’t have the right to appeal to his Church believers to pray, what a natural catastrophe has befallen upon India?

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