Vandals deface St Stephen’s College chapel

St Stephen’s is the topmost college in India

New Delhi: Vandals have defaced the door of the chapel inside Delhi University’s St Stephen’s College with a pro-Hindutva slogan that read, “Mandir yahin banega” (The temple will be constructed here).

Moreover, the cross outside the chapel was also defaced.

Sources said the graffiti on the door was first noticed by students on May 4 evening and the work began to get rid of the slogans the following day.

A St Stephen’s student who did not wish to be named, said, “Some students had already noticed the graffiti on Friday, but I noticed it when I was out for an early morning jog on Saturday. After a while, I saw that the staff had started to remove the slogans. By Saturday afternoon, all signs of the slogans were gone.”

The writing may have gone unnoticed for hours since regular classes have been suspended owing to the impending Delhi University examinations. News 18 reached out to St Stephen’s College Principal John Verghese for a statement, but he was unavailable for comment.

While the door of the chapel read “Mandir yahin bangea,” the cross outside the church had the words “I’m going to hell” written on them. Delhi University Students’ Union Presidet Rocky Tusseed expressed concern over the matter and said they would raise the issue with the concerned authorities.

“There is an attempt to divide students of the country along religious lines. The same script of Aligarh Muslim University (where an 80-year-old portrait of Pakistan founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah created a controversy) is playing out here as well,” Tusseed said.

The Congress-affiliated National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) also issued a statement.

“St Stephen’s College has been a shining beacon in granting excellent quality education to students and has played a pivotal role in shaping young minds that have gone to positively influence policy making decisions. Such an incident brings harm to the very fabric of the institution and to the spirit of the idea of India for which it stands. This incident is condemnable and strict actions should be taken against those who are found guilty,” NSUI media in-charge Neeraj Mishra told News 18.

The ABVP, too, called for action. ABCVP Delhi state secretary Bharat Kumar said, “Whoever is responsible for this must be brought to book. ABVP condemns this act of vandalism.”

According to Rajesh Kumar, member of DU’s Executive Council, said, “We absolutely condemn this incident. Such incidents have increased after the current government took office. Their attitude towards education is anti-social justice. That is why such incidents take place, to distract from all the ways in which they are destroying higher education. Whoever is found responsible must be punished.”

On May 5, the Delhi Police dismissed as “rumors” the controversial quotes written on the college chapel.

Students union president Sai Aashirwaad had earlier said inflammatory quotes like ‘Mandir Yahi Banega’ were found written on the chapel’s main door, while an ‘Om’ symbol along with the words ‘I’m going to hell’ was found on the cross behind the chapel.

The college administration had announced preparatory holidays for students from April 28, with only those having practical exams attending the college.

(Sources; News18 and The Times of India)

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6 thoughts on “Vandals deface St Stephen’s College chapel

  1. the writing’s on the wall! right-wing vandals are out to stoke their brand of nationalism by getting at other faiths. This will pass too as other ills have passed by this great nation.

  2. The major question is, who’s supporting such activities? Why minorities are feeling unsafe during the present government? Why things are getting worse day by day? Will there be emergency in coming day’s? Really alarming situation.

  3. No one must be in a dream Land wishfully imaging that everything is fine in Bharat. There are vested interests deliberately trying to rewrite history, destroy the social Harmony, divide people on religious basis and achieve their selfish and narrow minded version of India.
    Every Indian who is truly patriotic must stand together to defend the idea of India as well defined in the Constitution and never allow our nation to succumb to the devise forces.

    Politicians who become rulers must rise above narrow political considerations and take everyone along in a spirit of brotherhood and conciliation with the sole aim of national integration, growth and development. Religion must be left to individuals to choose, embrace, practice and propagate as they wish.

  4. Criminals seldom admit to their actions. The ABVP statement may just be a face saving ploy in the capital where all the media is based. Why don’t these Mandir protagonists build colleges like Stephens instead of stooping to inflammatory graffiti

  5. Criminals will seldom admit to their acts. So the ABVP comment could just be a face saver, especially in the Capital where all the media is based.

    Why don’t these Mandir protagonists build world class colleges like Stephens instead of attacking and tarnishing the good work of others

  6. Smriti Irani, the Harvard degree holder framed a girl student of the St. Stephen’s college to defame the college and take over it; giving immense pain and burden to the Principal Rev. Dr. Valsan Thambu. The student made an allegation that a disabled professor tried to sexually attack her. Finally, she did apologize to the college.

    Now, this attack against the well known Christian institution which has played some key roles in the freedom movement of India is very mysterious. The professor of Philosophy, the Anglican Priest Rev. C. F. Andrews was the mentor of Mahatma Gandhiji; who helped Gandhiji to start his law practice at South Africa, then called him back to India to take the leadership of the freedom movement. Thus, this very old Christian Institution of India has great history and roots. Many of the prominent political leaders of India like Sitaram Yechury of the CPM of India, Mrs. Varun Gandhi etc have studied at the St. Stephen’s College.

    In some special celebrations of the College where the CM of New Delhi Sri. Kejrival was the Chief Guest, the college authorities blocked many BJP partners to participate. It is an open truth that the attacks against the Christians and Christian Institutions are increasing under the anti-Christian regime of India.

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