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Crocodile kills pastor during baptism ceremony in Ethiopia 

Arba Minch: A lakeside baptism ceremony in Ethiopia ended in disaster when a large crocodile leapt from the water and killed the pastor, it has been reported.

Pastor Docho Eshete was allegedly grabbed by the crocodile soon after he started a mass baptism for 80 people on the shores of Lake Abaya in southern Ethiopia. The incident occurred on June 3.

“He baptized the first person and he passed on to another one,” local resident Ketema Kairo told the BBC. “All of a sudden, a crocodile jumped out of the lake and grabbed the pastor.”

Pastor Docho was said to have been bitten on his legs, back and hands.

As his horrified congregation looked on, local fishermen reportedly struggled to rescue him. It was said they succeeded only in using their nets to prevent the crocodile from taking the 45-year-old’s body into the lake, near the city of Arba Minch.

The crocodile is understood to have escaped.

Lake Abaya, Ethiopia’s second largest lake, is said to be beautiful, but the Lonely Planet travel guide warns: “It has a large population of crocodiles, which are said to be aggressive towards people and animals because the lake has few fish, their preferred food.”

It is likely that the reptile that killed Pastor Docho was a Nile Crocodile. Some Nile Crocodiles can grow to be up to six meters long while weighing as much as 1 1,000 kg. Some estimates suggest the species is responsible for more than 300 attacks on humans in Africa every year.

It is thought to be responsible for more attacks on people than any other crocodile species, and it has been said that the Nile Crocodile causes the third highest number of large-animal-related human fatalities in Africa, after hippos and lions.

One study has noted that for the Nile Crocodile, “an opportunistic, ambush predator,” humans are “less powerful and slower in water than any similar-sized wild mammal and therefore easy prey.”


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2 Responses to Crocodile kills pastor during baptism ceremony in Ethiopia

  1. Vincent

    Tragic news. May his soul rest in peace.

  2. chhotebhai

    In the name of God we cannot throw caution to the winds.This is known in classical moral theology as the sin of presumption. It is exactly what Satan tempted Jesus with, to jump down from the height, as angels would protect him.

    We cannot also presume that the performance of a religious act will protect us from all danger. In the tsunami on Sunday December 26th a few years ago two sisters of the SCJM congregation were distributing communion in Sri Lanka when they were swept away in the tsunami.More recently a newly married couple was going for darshan by helicopter to the Vaishnodevi temple near Jammu, when the helicopter crashed, killing them.Man cannot fight natural forces, even with religion, unless we are waiting for another parting of the Red Sea!