Jharkhand plans to end reservation for converted tribals

Hundreds of thousands of Christians will be affected

By Matters India Reporter

Ranchi: The Jharkhand government seems determined to end reservation benefits for those tribal people who have converted to Christianity or other religions, a newspaper says.

For this, the government would change the format of the official caste certificate issued to indicate the Scheduled Caste category, the Ranchi edition of the Prabhat Khabar, a Hindi language newspaper, reported on June 22.

Currently, all tribal people who possess this certificate, irrespective of their religious affiliations, are eligible to avail the statutory benefits such as free education and reservation in government jobs.

The Jharkhand is now ruled by a coalition government led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (Indian people’s party), the political arm of rightwing Hindu groups that oppose reservation extended to tribal Christians.

They want the reservation limited only to tribal people who remain in their tradition religions.

The Jharkhand government consulted its advocate general on this matter and was told that only to those who remain in their traditional religion are eligible for the Scheduled Caste (ST) benefits,

“There is a possibility of the government denying the ST benefits to converted Christians,” the newspaper says.

Intelligence agency reports indicate that hundreds of thousands of converted tribal people now enjoy these benefits in Jharkhand as well as in other states. “Even those financially well off continue to avail these benefits,” the newspaper says.

The advocate general also gave its green signal to the government to stop ST benefits to converted tribals in the state.

“Hundreds of thousands of Christians will be affected, if the government brings such a law. Many will lose their government jobs unless they return to Sarna (the tradition religion),” a Catholic lay leader told Matters India on condition of anonymity.

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4 thoughts on “Jharkhand plans to end reservation for converted tribals

  1. That’s not faith of their choice. They were tricked into accepting christianity by brainwashing or luring them with money.

  2. I strongly oppose any type of modification in the policy. The missionary has uplifted the the whole tribal people life whether they are Christian and non Christian. Present day bjp led govt are back foot on land actuation policy. The whole adawashi society is against them…so they are dividing them on New reservation policy. So that they come in power. Those SC ST who are Hindu they should be treated as generals as they are Hindu . Why they are getting reservation?. Caste does not change with religion… Christian . Now the hidden policy of this party is coming to light…..

  3. Is coming under the category of ST merely based on practicing a faith of theirchoice ?
    Tribal culture with its. Languages, Customes. Practicecs , Dance. Art. , festivals, celebrations, rituals at birth, marriage , death, various systems etc must be taken in its totality..
    The ones who are in a hurry to make laws need to be educated. Awareness building has to be done…
    I hope anthropologist will do that and enlighten all.

    The agenda is very clear.
    Marianne scn

  4. I don’t think that the State Government has the power to do this. It’s logic is also flawed. Even well to do SCs enjoy the benefits of reservations.
    According to the Mandal report even Christians are covered as OBCs in several States.

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