Kerala archbishop asks Christian schools to teach Constitution

Invoking hatred and fear among various groups as a shortcut to power is highly dangerous

Thiruvananthapuram: The head of the Catholic Church in Kerala says all Christian schools should include the Indian Constitution in their curriculum.

“Everyone should actively work for ensuring the secular values promised by the Constitution. It is highly dangerous that hatred and fear are invoked among various groups as a shortcut to power. Learned community and political leaders should come together against such practices,” said Archbishop Maria Calist Soosa Pakiam of Trivandrum, president of the Catholic Bishops’ Council.

In an interview with The Times of India, the Latin rite prelate expressed his concern over rising intolerance in society.

The country’s new generation, he added, needs to love the Constitution along with the traditions of the country. Inclusion of the Constitution in the curriculum will help in protecting it.

“The provisions in the Constitution that define and decide the basic character of the nation should be protected in co-relation. Threats to the Constitution should be considered as a threat to the existence of the country,” Bishop Pakiam asserted.

As a first step, the archbishop wants Christian schools to set an example by making constitutional literacy in their curriculum. “All Christian schools should include constitutional literacy in their moral science training as well,” he added.

The Kerala prelate’s suggestion came in the backdrop of pastoral letters written by his counterpart in Delhi and Goa in the past one month. According to Archbishop Pakiam, those letters and statements by the two prelates were not aimed at any political parties. “They must have spoken seeing some danger signs. All parties have good people and bad people,” he added.

On June 5, Archbishop Father Filipe Neri Ferrao of Goa and Daman issued the saying that the Constitution is in danger, and most of the people are living in insecurity.

Archbishop Anil Joseph Couto of Delhi on May 8 urged his people to pray and fast for the nation that was facing turbulence atmosphere in recent years.

“We pray for our own renewal and that of the country. Keeping in mind all that is happening in our country we said that we look forward to next election and next government. Every government should protect people and the constitution,” Archbishop Couto said.

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3 thoughts on “Kerala archbishop asks Christian schools to teach Constitution

  1. Study of the Indian Constitution in schools, colleges, universities, seminaries, ashrams, and madrasas – is a step in nation-building.

  2. I have two copies of the Constitution, one at home and the other in office. I refer to them as and when required. But it is no child’s play. Best wishes to those embarking on this venture.

    At the same time it would be wonderful if the bishops included the various teachings of Vatican II and the Code of Canon Law in the curriculum. They should begin with the Magna Carta, the “Dogmatic Constitution of the Church”, especially Chapter IV on the laity.

  3. Developing scientific temper does not mean the deep examination of beliefs and their relevance It means adoption of modern knowledge in daily life activities For example it may help realise that medicine is to be used instead of rituals to cure an illness. There need not be any conflict but understanding.
    Constitution defines the rights and responsibilities of govt and citizens. Knowledge of the Constitution gives us courage and power to fight misuse and to assert our rights. There is no need to bring any conflict with science
    Congratulations ,Bishop Pakiam

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