Kerala priest arrested for agriculture loan fraud case

Alappuzha: Father Thomas Peelianickal, executive Director of the Kuttanad Vikasana Samithi, was arrested on June 19 in connection with an agriculture loan scam, the police said.

According to complaints received by the police, Peelianickal had allegedly forged documents of various farmers and availed loans in the name of farmers’ self-help groups.

Six cases were pending against him in this regard, crime branch sources said.

The Kerala High court had earlier granted him anticipatory bail in two cases.

The loans were taken from various banks over the past few years, the sources said.

The fraud came to light after the farmers received recovery notices from banks and lodged complaints with police.

Peelianickal had been summoned by the Crime branch several times for questioning in connection with the case, but had failed to appear, citing health reasons, the sources said.

The Crime Branch Deputy Superintendent of Police took him into custody for questioning from the Samithi office on June19 and later recorded his arrest, they said.

Peelianickal had allegedly obtained loans by setting up self-help groups in different names and forged documents for availing the loans from different banks in Alappuzha.

The samithi is an NGO functioning among farmers in Kuttanad. The priest belongs to the Archdiocese of Changanacherry.



source: Business Standard

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7 thoughts on “Kerala priest arrested for agriculture loan fraud case

  1. Crucify him…..spoiling the Goodwill of churches and religious institution. as we are witnessing increased violence against Christians and all this crimes will lead to more…..humble to all priest, nuns, religious institutions, please do your duty with highest level of integrity and honesty and make your system & structure more strong and viable.

  2. It is not known how insincerity and craze for money creep in the minds of these priests who start something to do good for people. It is because they neglect Jesus, they neglect prayer,they neglect Mass,they neglect simplicity. Then they go after money, power. They deserve severe punishment.

    1. The love of money in different variation is an addiction with the human beings. I have watched some parents totally ignoring the cries of the children if they want to buy something attractive from the store while the parents have plenty of money. The parents love their money more than they love their children. JESUS said ” love for the money is the root cause of all evil”.

      But, when these Priests and Bishops who are called to love GOD and the human beings above money, when they show this kind of cheap cheating for money, then their so called divine calling has been proven as a fake acting. Thus, without any excuse, they must be expelled from the ministry.

  3. A few ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ priests and nuns spoil the good name of others. This should be prevented by their superiors, as laity believes them blindly.

  4. Isn’t it time that our “prophetic” bishops issued a “pastoral” letter against financial and sexual crimes by priests in Kerala?

  5. What a great disgrace he has caused to his own denomination and the Christians as whole. Let him suffer in jail for his sin of outright robbery.

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