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Vatican orders ex-diplomat to face child sex abuse trial 

Vatican City: A monsignor who was a former advisor at the Vatican’s US embassy in Washington will face charges of possessing and exchanging child pornography, the Holy See has announced.

In a statement it said that Carlo Alberto Capella was ordered to face trail on June 14, with the first hearing set for June 22.

Capella, who was in office until last year, was recalled from Washington by the Vatican in September.

The US State Department notified the Vatican in August through diplomatic channels of a possible violation of child pornography laws by a member of its diplomatic corps in Washington, the Vatican said at the time.

The United States had made “an official request” for the man’s diplomatic immunity to be lifted but the Vatican refused, said a US official on condition of anonymity.

It is the latest case the Catholic Church has faced after repeated criticism for the way it has handled scandals over pedophile priests.

Last week Pope Francis wrote a letter to Chileans expressing “shame” that the Catholic church failed “to listen and react in time” to allegations of sexual abuse by the country’s clergy.

The Chilean church has been rocked over accusations of wide-scale ignoring and covering up of child abuse by paedophile priest Fernando Karadima during the 1980s and 1990s.

In May the pontiff promised to “restore justice” after reading the conclusions of an investigation into the abuse, carried out after his defence of Chilean bishop Juan Barros — accused of covering up Karadima’s abuses — caused a public outcry.

He later apologised to three of Karadima’s victims at the Vatican and last weekend he received seven more people abused by the priest, who was suspended for life by the Vatican.

Two weeks previously 34 Chilean bishops announced their resignation over the scandal after being summoned to the Vatican by Francis.


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4 Responses to Vatican orders ex-diplomat to face child sex abuse trial

  1. Parimala Selvaraj

    Just a quick note to say that I find the option of diluting/unweaving the “offering” of celibacy from our religious-family NOT intrinsically helping/solving issues of self-control… Through the ages, this has been discussed, as also during their formation and am not certain something more can be added? Indeed, The Holy Spirit can always guide us along another wholesome-healing path if there is one may be, yet, would HE give us another alternative grace to that of HIS self-control?

    Much prayers continue for everyone,
    With love in Christ Jesus,

  2. Virendra

    ‘Pastoral letters’ on such matters are also welcome. The faithfuls can be guided and advised as how to keep themselves safe from sexual predators, disguised as godmen.

  3. Parimala Selvaraj

    Aaaw… if a person has a problem handling porn or any kind of addiction, then one does not ask the Government to legalise porn or that addiction, Na? Well, in some cases maybe they do? 🙂 If a parent has a problem handling his/her violent cubs, then the Church cannot make violence a norm in all schools in order to facilitate those cubs, Na?

    There ARE options wrt celibacy inside the Christian Church also, one can be a married Pastor or Lay Leader, some can also choose another belief-system within the Christian faith… BUT once a commitment is made, then one can only “choose” to either fulfill or fail that promise – and be also ready to receive the aftermath…

    Much prayers continue for everyone, especially for our priests and religious…
    With love in Christ Jesus,

  4. chhotebhai

    If thew man has committed a crime he must submit to the criminal justice system of the country in which the crime occurred.