Australian archbishop sentenced to 12 months imprisonment

The Archbishop of Adelaide has been sentenced to 12 months imprisonment after his conviction in May of failing to report allegations of child sexual abuse.

Archbishop Philip Wilson will likely serve the sentence under house arrest, and a judge is likely to confirm this arrangement at a hearing on August 14.

Wilson has not resigned as archbishop, but Pope Francis has appointed Bishop Greg O’Kelly as Apostolic Administrator of the archdiocese, giving him day-to-day leadership responsibility.

The archbishop was convicted of concealing child sexual abuse committed by a parish priest in the 1970s. Two abuse victims said they had confided in him, but he refused to report the abuse to the authorities.

The priest, Fr James Fletcher, was convicted in 2006 and died in jail.



source: Catholic Herald

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3 thoughts on “Australian archbishop sentenced to 12 months imprisonment

  1. Let us hope and pray that this will serve as an eye opener and lesson for the other hard liners the world over. The hierarchy needs to understand that it is not exempted from compliance to law of the land.

  2. New generation bishops and priests are taught as with the tradition of the church about mystery dealing with divine… But they understood to hide the crimal information as mystery in the church… So they think they are faithful to the magisterium of the church… But this kind of public punishment will give a good teaching people in hierarchy the right direction

  3. Concealment or abetment of a crime is in itself a criminal act. The church needs to take this seriously, be they sexual or financial crimes.

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