Christian NGOs targeted in Jharkhand, bishops tell governor

The Church supports probe into all NGOs

Ranchi: The Jharkhand Bishops’ Council has called on state Governor Droupadi Murmu to complain about Christian NGOs being targeted in the eastern Indian state.

The delegation led by Cardinal Telesphore P. Toppo presented the governor a memorandum that pointed out the police’s Criminal Investigation Department subjected Christian NGOs to violent attacks and false accusations.

The bishop pointed out that all Christian NGOs were registered under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act (FCRA) and have submitted audit reports to the federal home ministry and file income tax returns regularly, details of which were available on government websites.

“It is surprising that the state CID has launched such an investigation even after the Centre (federal government) has verified all the accounts and renewed permission. The funds received in the FCRA accounts are utilized only for those purposes mentioned in the Memorandum of Trust/Registered Society and are properly accounted for,” the memorandum noted.

Further, NGOs were autonomous bodies and hence a blanket investigation of all NGOs merely because they were Christians, was unjust, unfair, illegal and against natural justice.

“We would like to request your excellency to make it possible for us, a peace loving community, which is always in service of the people, the nation and the poor, to carry out our work without any harassment,” the memorandum said.

Later addressing the media, council secretary general Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas said by involving ATS (anti-terrorism squad), the state government was perhaps trying to prove that the functionaries of Christian outfits were terrorists.

“Christian organizations alone do not receive foreign aid under FCRA. Why other NGOs have been spared? We also support such inquiries against all NGOs getting government aids,” he added.

On the sale of infants at Nirmal Hriday, he said it was ridiculous that a nun charged with selling babies had been jailed while the ones who bought the babies were spared.


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4 thoughts on “Christian NGOs targeted in Jharkhand, bishops tell governor

  1. Protesting against alleged harassment is fine, but cribbing because only the sellers of the babies have been arrested and not the buyers, is convoluted logic and a specious plea. Expect better from the bishops.

  2. This is a good forum from where our Church Leaders can take this up for resolution with the authorities of protection in the State.

    Every human being has the right to do GOOD and that is a fundamental human right. Besides it is NOT good, but evil that needs stopping! And evil NEVER runs out of excuses to STOP good from anywhere or anyone, is it not?

    Love in Christ everyone,

  3. The Jharkhand Bishops’ Council need to understand that when Priests and Nuns function as Social Workers by running NGOs, they have to follow the law of the land and their actions are subject to public scrutiny. Then why this grumble?

  4. Why do we have to call our NGOs as Christian NGOs when others do not label their NGOs as Hindu or Muslim NGOs? It is because our NGOs are run by priests and nuns who have chosen that life to spread ‘Good News’, which makes them suspect.

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